SOLUTION/DOWNLOAD: Tiny CD for Dragon 50Mbps Wireless N Nano USB Adapter

Dragon ® 150Mbps Wireless N Nano USB Adapter_Yes, this page is probably going to finally let you get your cheap USB Wifi Adaptor working!

…You’re welcome! :)

I bought the Dragon ® 150Mbps Wireless N Nano USB Adapter from Amazon and couldn’t get it to work with my macbook because of the slot-loading drive.

After googling around, I found a lot of people talking about where to download the driver but after about a hundred cycles of download, install, uninstall, I decided to get MacGyver on this.

I actually cut out an adapter for small cd to full size using a dremel tool. Doesn’t look pretty but it worked. So for anyone not willing to risk putting garbage in their optical drive like I was, here’s the software from that CD. Enjoy.  Just be sure to uninstal the last versions you installed that didnt work. (new driver).zip

Apparently a lof these little wifi dongles work using the same part, a realtek chip.

So this may even work for similar inexpensive USB Network Adaptors. The mini CD that came with mine reads: Wireless-N USB Adaptor. RTL8188_RTL8192. The Disk contained two folders but I zipped and uploaded the one that wasnt called “old driver.”   It contains drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux.

mini cd to full size adaptor
I took one of the plastic protecter disks from the bottom of a stack of CDs and, using my fat finger to line up the center holes, I traced the little disk. Then I cut out the circle with a dremel tool. Sanded off all the burrs and did a little fine tuning with an exacto knife. Then I minimally taped the two disks together.



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