To Bill East: Please make your music more easy to find

Bill East,

I discovered your song called “Is everything happening uncontrollably,” because it was featured on “This American Life” in the episode called “Human Spectacle”

I bought your album “What Am I Really” from amazon and I’m listening to it now.

I’d like to encourage you to upload your songs as YouTube videos so people can explore your songs and hopefully decide to buy them.

The previews on Amazon and iTunes are too short to hook most people I think.  And right now, in search results, you pretty much don’t even come up so it was hard to find you.

I actually know a good deal about “viral marketing’ Etc, and I’d be glad to give you further advice if you want.

Thanks for the music.  I am enjoying it quite a bit.

-Andrew A. Peterson

4 Replies to “To Bill East: Please make your music more easy to find”

  1. Hi Andrew, Bill died several years ago, not long after he sent me his songs and I publicized them in my newsletter. You can read the newsletter issues here:

    and news of his death along with milestones in his life here: was Bill’s website and someone is still running it though it’s not clear who. I’d be curious to know if you discover more about “Bill East.”

    Jerry Katz

  2. I found this article because I was looking for a way to get the music. Google sell it, but not to my country. I think the songs are wonderful outsider art. Listeningmto the samples I have heard I can imagine them to be things I sang as a child, in some alternate childhood in an interesting commune.

    I would be happy to pay for the music. However, whoever is contolling the site should out them out there. They are not going to be a profitable concern, but I would like Bill East’S very focused and yet peaceful vision to get to more people.

  3. Bren,
    I love the way you describe it.
    “Outsider Art” for sure.
    [songs] “I sang as a child, in some alternate childhood in an interesting commune.” is so on point and almost exactly what I thought when I heard his music.

    There’s something so sweet and innocent about his solipsism, a philosophical point of view I reject as an adult, but certainly shared at some point along the way.

    And then, it’s just so raw, bare, simple, beautiful, human. And familiar.

    Looks like one of his songs is on YouTube here:

    Also, here is his website, which according to @Jerry, is still online sort of mysteriously. Thanks Jerry!

    I would upload all the tracks somewhere, but I don’t want to violate someone’s “intellectual property” People threaten to sue me all the time, or get my site taken down and it’s very inconvenient. …Funny though, I wonder how Bill East would feel about the concept of intellectual property. read this:

    I believe the music is also on iTunes and Amazon. What country are you in?

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