Audio Version of Om Malik’s “With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility”

Om’s post is here:

I decided to have this read by OSX’s Alex voice, which I thought was fitting, given the subject.


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With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility


By Om Malik

Read by Mac OS X.6’s Alex at the whim of Andrew A. Peterson

Recorded with SoundFlower

The FaceBucket Challenge


If you accept The FaceBucket Challenge, you must:

A) Promise that from now on, you will not share any alleged facts on social media without first reading the Wikipedia entry likely to contain confirmation of the alleged fact;


B) Share a video of yourself putting a bucket over your head.


The FaceBucket challenge is intended to spread awareness about media literacy, especially social media’s potential for spreading misleading information.

As participants in social media, we have a responsibility to the others in our networks to not disseminate an inaccurate portrayal of the world we live in.  This is especially true when it comes to political or ‘loaded’ topics where widespread misinformation can lead to negative consequences for large numbers of people.

Also, it’s kind of funny.

To Bill East: Please make your music more easy to find

Bill East,

I discovered your song called “Is everything happening uncontrollably,” because it was featured on “This American Life” in the episode called “Human Spectacle”

I bought your album “What Am I Really” from amazon and I’m listening to it now.

I’d like to encourage you to upload your songs as YouTube videos so people can explore your songs and hopefully decide to buy them.

The previews on Amazon and iTunes are too short to hook most people I think.  And right now, in search results, you pretty much don’t even come up so it was hard to find you.

I actually know a good deal about “viral marketing’ Etc, and I’d be glad to give you further advice if you want.

Thanks for the music.  I am enjoying it quite a bit.

-Andrew A. Peterson