FIX: Alesis Q2: First Made Strange Sounds, Then “Bad Program” Issue (QuadraVerb 2 Battery)

So I’ve had a Q2 since the Nineties and I like some of it’s effects.  But a while back when I wanted to use it for a Delay effect, it was acting funny.  Essentially the thing sounded like high-depth Chorus all the time!

So today, as I’m getting ready to work on a big project, I decided to look into this more.  Does it need to be cleaned inside?  I turned it on and it seemed that the Factory Preset Programs were fine, but now when going to create a User Program, the names of the Programs were all gibberish-y and when clicking the scroll wheel to “Select,” the name of the Program would just say “Bad Program”




“Bad Program”


So after a lot of Googling I finally found this. Turns out the problem is a dead battery soldered to the circuit board inside.

You can see it here, in the bottom right of the picture.  It’s a Panasonic BR-2325, a 3 Volt Battery with solder terminals on it. You can get them for a few bucks online, but I’m too impatient and resent shipping fees.


I replaced mine with a CR2025, a similar 3V coin battery that I had mistakenly purchased to replace a Mac Front-row remote.

But what to do about the missing Solder-leads?  It’s probably not good to cook a battery with a soldering iron, so I improvised a battery holder with two pennies.

Here’s the pennies with leads soldered to them


Next I put the battery between them. and taped it all together… I taped more than in this picture because I wanted to be sure there was very little possibility of shorting out inside the unit. I left my leads about 6 inches long so I’d have some slack to work with when soldering.



Next I desoldered the old dead battery and soldered in the leads from my DIY battery pack


Next, I gathered up the slack and taped the whole thing down onto the circuit board so it would rattle around inside the unit (while rocking out to tap tempo delay)





Finally, I  had to do a “Total Reset” of the unit, which unfortunately will delete your stored programs.  But I don’t think would have been stored anyhow, without the battery.  Not sure about that.

Total Reset:
A more drastic version of re-initializing the QuadraVerb 2 will erase all User Programs, as well as resetting all Global parameters. Hold down [PROGRAM], [COMPARE], and [<BLOCK] (block-left) simultaneously while turning on the power.

Now my q2 works again!



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15 Replies to “FIX: Alesis Q2: First Made Strange Sounds, Then “Bad Program” Issue (QuadraVerb 2 Battery)”

  1. Hi ! very useful information, really thanks !

    My Q2 is working nice again but I dont have the user programs anymore.
    I have downloaded midi-ox and Qclick software but I cant find the sysex files to download to my Q2. In Alesis homepage there is only a mid file. Any suggestions?

  2. Mike,
    I have no idea. But those older units usually did do a data dump/restore via midi.

    Also, I think the user programs are all blank by default, so you hmay have lost them by replacing the battery. I think the battery enable the unit’s memory.

    But if you learn something, share it with us! Will make it easier for the next guy.

  3. Thanks – same thing happened to Q2. I bought a CR2032 coin battery holder and soldered into the Q2. Next time, I just need to swap out the battery.

  4. hello
    I am the owner of a Qadraverb Q2 and I would like to program it with shadows effects, but i lost my Qclick 1.01 program :-(
    Do you know where i could find it
    all my best regards from Paris
    jean pierre

  5. Jean Pierre, if you have not resolved, write your email address and I’ll send you the program

  6. [andrew here, I didn’t realize I had shut off coments for this post… here is some text from some emails]

    @Giorgio wrote:
    Hi Andrew
    First of all, I apologize for my English.
    You can ask me for any problem (hardware or software) related to Alesis Q2/Q20. For some years I have been interested (for hobby) of their repair and their sale, and yet now I have someone too much on my shelves. I am a fan of Shadows and Hank Marvin, and only with Q2 or Q20 I managed to get closer to those sounds.
    As you asked me, I attach the link where you can download the software “QClick” but it only works with Windows XP. If you tell me what you exactly want to do, I could help you more.
    I cordially greet you from Italy, Giorgio!qM4SmBib!X8d5nY7jXV60eXG9Fm25PA

  7. Hi Giorgio, I told Andrew by email that my Q2 has the Winbond chips that run the battery dead in a short time. I’d like to make the modifications suggested in this post but am uncertain about the hazards of de-soldering the battery. qClick should give me enough functionality that I might not want to risk it.

    Regarding qClick, I owe you both an apology for putting you to the trouble. On an old hard drive I found a file named “qClick(portable).zip” and it turned out to be the elusive version 1.0.1. I’m leaving a link to that as well as the Registration number that will keep it working beyond 30 days.

    Thank you Andrew and Giorgio for your efforts,

    qClick portable 1.0.1:

    Registration code:

  8. Great!
    This is definitely the latest version, and it works great on my windows 7 64bit
    Thank you Mal

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