fix: Joomla/Sobi2 field_phone not appearing in vcard/search results

The reason that the phone numbers wont show up in the search results of a Sobi2 system simply by adding somthing like the following to your file is…

<?php if($fieldsObjects['field_phone']->data)
 { echo $fieldsObjects['field_phone']->data;
 } ?>

…You actually have to go into the settings for the phone field and tick the box to allow it to be shown when the system is displaying the search results (which is the vcard template, AKA

Components>>Sigsiu Online Business Index 2>>Custom Fields Manager>>Phone (field_phone)

Click the “In Category View” box in the “Show Field” section. ┬áIf you don’t do this, the PHP code you’ve likely copied from the sobi2.details.tmpl.php file will be ignored and the phone number will not be displayed.



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