Popular Posts: Featured Image & All In One SEO Description

the Popular Posts Plugin allows you to use a number of ‘tags‘ (similar to shortcodes) to alter the output of the Popular Posts Widget.  Here’s what my client wanted to display with the Popular Posts Plugin: Featured Image (Thumbnail Size) , followed by the Description filled out in the All In One SEO settings for the post.

I freakin googled like mad to figure this out.  The main trouble I was having is that I was getting the same thumbnail for every ‘popular post’ …The reason is that you need to use


instead of


here’s what you do (note, my example is for if your thumbnails are set to be 100px by 100px in Settings>>Media)

{php: echo get_the_post_thumbnail($result->ID, array(100,100) ); }
{php:echo get_post_meta($result->ID, '_aioseop_description', true);}

Now, that was just the raw tags.

Here’s an example with some actual HTML in the mix (note I’m using nofollow for seo purposes and alignleft for layout purposes):

<li><a class="alignleft" rel="nofollow" href="{url}">{php: echo get_the_post_thumbnail($result->ID, array(100,100) ); }</a><a rel="nofollow" href="{php:echo get_post_meta($result->ID, '_aioseop_description', true);}"</a></li>

The End.

Now this (humans ignore){php} echo get_the_post_thumbnail($result->ID, array(100,100) ); echo get_post_meta($result->ID, ‘_aioseop_description’, true); echo get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘_aioseop_description’, true); echo get_the_post_thumbnail($Post->ID, array(100,100) );

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