North Bay Bohemian Rebranding Project – Free! Take One.

North Bay Bohemeian Rebrand: Bopeemian

If you live in Sonoma County and you don’t hate gay people, you probably love the North Bay Bohemian, a cultural staple of our beautiful Wine Country landscape.

Why not show your support for everyone’s favorite independent progressive weekly by wearing their logo (in a slightly improved form) on a T-shirt?

That’s right! ¬†Time to impress your friends and set some trends.

Just print out this PDF on an iron-on transfer sheet and make yourself into a local fashion activist just in time for the next Handcar Regatta or Old Navy shopping trip at Coddingtown Mall.

Each PDF has the logo three times so you can make three shirts with one sheet of Iron-On Transfer.  Click on the image to download the PDF.

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