iPage’s Secret php.ini editor

If you’re seeing this and not liking it: Maximum upload file size: 2MB

…the trick is generally to either upload a php.ini file with ammendments to the server’s default php settings, or in the case of some hosting providers, iPage included, you need to find a special settings page where you can edit your php.ini file.

Where is it?  I certainly couldn’t find it.  But after calling iPage, the secret is revealed.  Here’s how you get to iPage’s php.ini editor:

iPage  Customer Login (takes you to control panel…)>>Control Panel>>Scripting and Add-Ons>>CGI and Scripted Language Support>>PHP Scripting

You will need to find certain lines and replace their default values.

post_max_size =
upload_max_filesize =
max_execution_time =
memory_limit =

the values I use are these:

post_max_size = 30M

upload_max_filesize = 100M

max_execution_time = 900

memory_limit = 100M


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22 Replies to “iPage’s Secret php.ini editor”

  1. Oh my gosh, I never thought they would let us modify it! Thank you for posting … my upload problem is solved.

  2. Thanks. With help here and my research 01-09-2012, the iPage PHP scripts are nowadays located under Control Panel -> CGI and Scripted Language Support -> PHP Scripting -> :-)

  3. Mine was in a different spot

    Control Panel>> under additional tools “CGI and Scripted Language Support”>>PHP Scripting
    Thanks for the info!!

  4. 1. I got to the editor like Gwion said.
    2. I then copied the four lines of text and pasted them at the bottom of the php.ini file.
    3. I save the php.ini file.
    4. I logged out and back into my wordpress site.

    The larger file, <40 mb, didn't load but clearly < than the 100 mb.

    Do I somehow need to "restart" wordpress so it can grab the new value or do you see something i did wrong?

  5. Gosh.. Thanks a lot! I was dying to resolve this problem (with no way out from ipage) until i read this post. Bless you broo

  6. OMG you have no idea how happy I was to come across this. I was at my wits end! I couldn’t access my site at all without that a 500 error message. All good now though. You are an absolute life saver!

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