iPage’s Secret php.ini editor

If you’re seeing this and not liking it: Maximum upload file size: 2MB

…the trick is generally to either upload a php.ini file with ammendments to the server’s default php settings, or in the case of some hosting providers, iPage included, you need to find a special settings page where you can edit your php.ini file.

Where is it?  I certainly couldn’t find it.  But after calling iPage, the secret is revealed.  Here’s how you get to iPage’s php.ini editor:

iPage  Customer Login (takes you to control panel…)>>Control Panel>>Scripting and Add-Ons>>CGI and Scripted Language Support>>PHP Scripting

You will need to find certain lines and replace their default values.

post_max_size =
upload_max_filesize =
max_execution_time =
memory_limit =

the values I use are these:

post_max_size = 30M

upload_max_filesize = 100M

max_execution_time = 900

memory_limit = 100M

iPage: CSS Changes Not Taking Effect Due to Cache (you’re not crazy and it’s not your fualt)

I thought I was losing my mind.  About half the time, when making adjustment to a stylesheet, the site would not update.  This was causing development work that should take about ten times as long.  Not good.

UPDATE: I got a comment from someone named ‘Whit’ which reads:

I have also had this problem. Though you guys might like a clearer answer as I got from iPage. They told me the following, “We use Varnish Caching technology. Hence, your website may not display the changes immediately.”

Very annoying. Either way, the simplest answer is to add no cache code to your .htaccess file like below:

Header set Cache-Control: “private, pre-check=0, post-check=0, max-age=0?
Header set Expires: 0
Header set Pragma: no-cache

Thanks, Whit!!!  [now back to my story]

After finding this, I finally called iPage. After debating with their “tech support” person about whether or not this could be their fault (which it clearly is), the person finally found that he could turn off some sort of caching that iPage has running by default on shared hosting accounts.  Eureka!  Unfortunately, it took 20 minutes to get thru to support.  More unfortunately, I had to plea and argue with the person for fifteen minutes before I could inspire him to discover that indeed, the caching is happening.  And most unfortunately of all, before I finally convinced the person to to look for the solution, the person tried to convince me that I should be willing to put up with it taking “ten minutes” or more  for a CSS update to take affect.  His words, “ten minutes.”  Seriously?  Ten minutes for a CSS tweak to take effect?  I can’t believe someone would say such a thing.  We’re talking about changes that take five seconds to make.  We’re talking about the workflow that virtually every web developer relies on: upload a change to the server, view the change in a browser, rinse repeat.  Ugh!

Oh, and the kid also said that this caching that he turned off on iPage’s end might take up to 24 hours to actually turn off… WTF!

So while I’m at it let me just say this about iPage also:  FTP times out a lot with them.  Very annoying, but I can deal with that.

I don’t think the money  you save by going with iPage (a few dollars a month) rather than another hosting provider ( bluehost or hostgator, for instance) is worth it.

I’m angry at them for

  1. Having support staff that are completely ignorant to the daily reality of all developers
  2. Having caching turned on by default and not making this known to their support people
  3. Having slow servers that drop or stall ftp connections constantly

OK.  I’m done now.  Back to work.

Approve comment turns red, (wordpress): Disable Mailpress

Mailpress is rad, but apparently they need to make an update to their plugin.

I use it and love it but with wordpress 3.05, I’ve found that I’m not able to approve comments.  When I click on the ‘approve’ link for a comment, the comment turns white for a second, like it has become ‘approved’ but suddenly goes red right after.  Weird bug.

Whenever you encounter weird bugs like these, it’s a good idea to make sure all your plugins are up to date and then, if you still have a problem, turn your plugins off one at a time to see if one of them is causing the problem.

Letter to Michael Krasny

Hi Mr Krasny, and thanks for all the great work you do with Forum.

I’m writing this to tell you that I really want to read your new book, Spiritual Envy: An Agnostic’s Quest.  The thing is, I don’t really read books.  I can really only benefit from the book if there’s an audio version.

I find it a little ironic that thre’s no audiobook version available, since you work at a radio station, which has all the production facilities needed, and since you already know the best voice-over talent to choose for reading the book for the purpose of producing an audio version (you).

Anyway, I wanted to offer my help.  If it’s not merely an issue of copyright (maybe you are prohibited from proceeding on producing an audio version yourself), and you could actually find the time to record a chapter here and there, I have professional audio production and editing facilities.  I’d also be willing to mail you a field audio device so you could do this in the comfort of your own home.  I’d do this in exchange for getting to hear the book.  I’d also be willing to do basic editing and sound enhancing for the project.  Then perhaps you could get your publisher to do their thing with it.  It really should be available through Audible, for instance.

I’m sure we could do a totally professional job producing this thing.  What do you say?


Andrew A. Peterson (Sebastopol, California)