6 Replies to “Fake ‘Cease and Desist’ Notice From consultingmag.com posing as moonaconsulting.com”

  1. We received an identical email this morning, with the same message content but sent along from Elisa G. Black [mailto:eblack_yq@lysiasgroup.com] from Lysias Group of Amersfoort, the Netherlands. I was immediately suspicious and did not open the attached word file, but entered some of the text from the body of the message into google and it hit your page.

  2. We also recieved a similar email from vicentemcCallmi@moonaconsulting.com
    also with an attachment that opens up as an .exe file… 1st thought.. virus… then i realized that there is no way we can be in breach of any contract .. the more i thought about it the more i realized this was a scam… thank you for posting this up as it validates my suscpicion.

  3. We received a notice for a contract breach, with directions to click on a link for a website that would have lawsuit documents. Rather than use the link, I typed the web address (www.thomas-and-harris.com) into my browser and found the site is “under construction” . . .there is no way I’m going to use the imbedded link in the message.
    The message was sent by janielocke_tc@moonaconsulting.com
    I’ve referred this to our IT department to update the filter.

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