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Mostly, when it comes to finding new music, I’ve retreated to music recommended by friends and/or software-based recommendation systems like  I mean, I generally don’t listen to ‘Radio’ with the exception of my local NPR station, KQED, which I mainly listen to for News/Culture type programming.

But plays such a high percentage of music that is interesting to me that I end up seeking out music I hear on Erika probably about as frequently as three times per hour!  And the rest of the music I hear on is almost always totally welcomed.

So in a nutshell, I think these people, whomever they are, have awesome taste in music.  From their homepage: has been broadcasting a 24 hour mp3 stream since 1999. We hand-pick music and organize it freeform style: all types of music at all times of the day. Our goal is to bring you music you can’t hear on other radio stations, presented in a unique style. …[can be found] in the ‘Eclectic’ section of iTunes radio.

If you have more conventional taste in music, try when you’re recovering from surgery or, for whatever reason, under the influence of hallucinogenic substances.

The page that displays what they are currently playing and what has recently played is HERE

(about as eclectic as it could possibly be) is a serious improvement to my quality of life.  I am listening to them frequently now.  I wish I could stream them while driving. people: If you read this, thanks!  You are awesome.

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