Obama Administration Should Recruit Lawrence Lessig

I left a comment for the Obama Administration via their new online “suggestion box“at change.gov.  I sent in a suggestion hoping that the Obama Administration look at Lawrence Lessig as someone who could help out in some way.  I didn’t say “Attorney General” but maybe I should have.  Here’s what I did say:

Lawrence Lessig should be looked at by the new administration for positions like ‘Technology Czar,’ ‘Federal CTO,’ ‘Chairman/Commissioner of the FCC,’ or any other position in which Ethics and the Public Interest in matters of Technology and/or Communications are concerned.

Professor Lessig has already proven himself as an advocate for the people as an Educator, an Attorney, an Author and an Activist.

I’m sure there are many, many others like me who believe that the Obama administration, and more importantly, the American People would benefit from having Lawrence Lessig’s sound judgement and clear voice involved in the Federal decision-making processes.

He’s one of my personal heroes, and he cares about America, its consumer’s, their rights, the possibilities of modern technology, and the importance of our culture as it evolves and we grow with it.

Thanks for having this open suggestion box.

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