NPR’s Weekend Edition is Mis-Using Twitter to Spam Me!

I like many NPR programs.  And this post about Weekend Edition’s mis-use of Twitter is just a way of pointing out a flaw in how one organisation is using Twitter so that we, and hopefully they (are you listening?), can learn from their mistakes.

  1. I clicked to “Follow” Weekend Edition.
  2. I got a weird impersonal messages sent “to me” via an “@ Reply” about how they’re getting the next episode of their show ready etc.  (why would they send that to me?  Smells like a strategy: “When someone starts to ‘follow’ us, respond to them with the latest tweet…” …a lot like automated thanks-for-the-add comments on MySpace, right?)
  3. I responded suggesting they aren’t really using Twitter correctly.  
  4. I gave it a day thinking I’d get a little response from their Team… Nope.  (What’s even worse than misinterpreting a medium, is not paying attention when people try to help.  Hello?)

Why would I want to be getting “personal,” direct messages from a media brand that wont respond to my own “personal” messages, when all of this is taking place via a platform in which I‘m already subscribing to a stream of anything that brand wants to say???  


2 Replies to “NPR’s Weekend Edition is Mis-Using Twitter to Spam Me!”

  1. OK, I guess I don’t understand why your bitching about receiving their posts when you decided to follow them. All you have to do if you don’t like what they are sending you is to click the UNFollow button.

    That’s like complaining that you’re receiving emails from a list you joined and then stated it’s spam. Obviously if you look at someone’s profile on twitter, you can get a jist of what they are about and you should expect nothing less from their posts.

    What you state they sent you has to do with their business, so why would you consider it spam? That’s Ludicrous…

  2. @Nick,
    The reason I’m bitching is because it’s not like your analogy at all. It’s more like if I signed up for a emailing list and then I get additional text messages or snail mail in addition.

    I have no problem with them twittering and me seeing it, I’m bothered by them sending me direct messages.

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