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  1. I see that I am not the only one these evil ones sent this to. Now, they have done a bad thing. MY Lord will handle them. They have been reported to the TBI, WALSH FOUNDATION, FBI, INTERNET POLICE, MY SCHOOL, LOCAL SHERIFFS and guess what, they will be prosecuted due to the new matrix finding system of our government. You have had it when you used the internet to threaten me. Good bye.

  2. I had exactly the same email. The trouble with christianity is that they can’t even read thier own books to make everything tie in together. It’s mish mash of a mixture of history & events and problems. The God of Isral sure is human to have ‘ anger ‘ about him, where’s his fruit of the spirit ? Or does God also have to abide by his own commandments? If so what happened in keeping though shalt not kill during the flood & the curses on the first born of egypt? (Galatians 5:22-23 fruit of the spirit) . Also in Genesis it mentions a tree of life & a tree of good & evil ( a duality….everything has good & bad towards each individual that is…..What is one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure) We all have a food intolerance or allergy ( allergy the worst because it’s poison to the body), my husband loves shellfish & thrives on it, however my body doesn’t agree with it and i’m allergic ( eat enough of the darn critters & i’ll be in an early grave!) So what happened to the focus on the tree of life then? as a separate tree of only life & not the duality one? All Christian churches seem to ignore it in trying to implement the rest of the confusion, they get bogged down with trying to tie up the loose ends from the majority of the stuff in between. Christianity as it is, is as divided into implementation of said scriptures as thier are differences in brand names of baked beans on supermarket shelves! Most of said scriptures have been diddled by unscrupulos men, using it as a means of power, in that category the fear & scare tack ticks always did the trick to gain power over someone. So called visions of doom from Catholic nuns held up as vessels of saints, i mean really all she did was use her tortured mind to torture herself & others at the same time. What do you expect anyway from so called scriptures that were diddled by a psychopathic constantine? Psychopaths enjoy torture whether it is physical torture or torture of the human psyche. That’s why you had purging of the flesh to make the spirit pure ( saved constantine a lot of trouble & arm with muscle power doing it himself anymore…..He did it in his hey day whilst conquering other countries, then tired of it……Well, you do get old don’t you and physical exertion is a drain on you at that age). I don’t need saving, i change & progress to be a good person in the ways that suit me, sure & steady wins the race, if you do anything to quick it can damage you anyway. My take on that is, have ‘ patience ‘ & ‘ the negative stuff is meant for you to work through slowly so that you can reach a balance & do the human building towards the good stuff’ . If anyone missed that bunson burner,it’s all down in the scriptures after all, the rest is an individual human mindedness view on it. Now you realise why so many christian churches are out thier ( as many that suits each individual that took up leadership). I any case people who see spiritual stuff are stressed. It’s stress that fits the spirituality side. Although iam a beleiver in spiritulism , as many ghosts & speaking spontanously ghosts have been recorded, some are down to the human mind & the creation of that human mind into spirit form…Others further it & create actual physical & material objects. However some spirits have just been due to air & dust particals, trick of the human mind and recordings of events in history ( earth recording).
    Blimey!enough said !

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