Missing MAS Plug-Ins ParaEQ & MW Equalizer in MOTU Digital Performer (DP5.13))

Here’s what I did that finally solved this problem after 2 full days of suffering and searching for answers.


  1. I uninstalled the DP software reverse-incrementally, starting with 5.13 in UNINSTALL mode, then DP 5.1 and finally the original DP 5 Installer on the CD.
  2. I repeated the same process AGAIN, but this time selected “MyHardDrive” rather than the “Applications Folder” as the target install directory, again selecting UNINSTALL rather than Easy Install
  3. I Manually deleted all remaining Plug-Ins that came with DP from username/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/MAS/
  4. I manually moved my remaining [dot-bundle] .bundle files (other MAS plugins that didn’t come with DP) from my user directory to my hard-drive directory.  Originally, some were at UserName/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/MAS/  and I moved all those files to HardDriveName/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/MAS/
  5. I manually deleted the folder called MAS from username/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/
  6. I manually I deleted all files from both the user and hard-drive versions of Library/Preferences/ that had “motu” in their names, all “.plist” files
  7. I manually Deleted a folder called “Digital Performer™” from UserName/Library/Preferences/
  8. I manually Deleted  HardDrive/Library/Audio/presets/Digital Performer/
  9. I manually Deleted the Auth-DigitalPerformer 5.0 file from my hard-drive via the Terminal (it’s an invisible file)
  10. I manually deleted any/all extra/unnecessary MOTU apps/utilities from my Applications Folder… I had some out-dated FireWire Audio shit and some Un-Needed PCI shit.
  11. I re-booted from MAC OSX CD and REPAIRED PERMISSIONS (which incidentally were all good)
  12. After rebooting, I re-installed MOTU DP5, which does not run on my Leopard machine as version 5.0 (Unexpectedly Quits Etc)
  13. Installed the MOTU 5.1 Update
  14. Installed the MOTU 5.13 Update
  15. My Equalizer  Plugins are back.
  16. Repaired Permissions (and the plugins are still back) DP is back to normal, at least for now.
Let me know if this solution doesn’t work for you.  I deleted so much shit manually that I may have left something out.   48 Hours of this kind of hell will do that to a guy.

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6 Replies to “Missing MAS Plug-Ins ParaEQ & MW Equalizer in MOTU Digital Performer (DP5.13))”

  1. I’ve tried almost EVERYTHING to solve this real pain in the a– And found that the problem exist only in NON- English configurations. I.e. Italian, Dutch, German, etc.

    Here’s what i did and im shure this will work for all of you absolutely:

    Go to Sistem Preferences/international/language and change your principal language to ENGLISH. Restart the machine. Launch DP6 or whatever version you have installed. And ENJOY PARAEQ, PROVERB (DP6 ONLY) . HOpe this works like worked to me.

  2. Thanks Jose Luis. I had the missing plugin problem before in DP5 and now in DP6 with Proverb. I once got Proverb back by fixing permissions and restarting, but not after second time it dissapeared. Your solution worked immediately. Great!

  3. Jose, you are the man!!! How did you figure this out?
    I spent all day installing and changing things around, and it was that simple!
    Muchias gracias!!! Obrigado!! Merci Beaucoup!! Thanks a lot!!!! Harigato!!!

  4. Yeah! I had the same problem (the paraEQ and Proverb doesn´t appears in the DP6 session) and I changed the language preferences to english and the problems get solved. Thank you very much Jose Luis and all of you. Me quitaron un dolor de cabeza muy grande! saludos

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