New Project: As The Dust Settles, Participatory Documentary, Burning Man etc

In the morning I’m leaving to go to Burning Man, but this time I wont be merely attending.  Some friends of mine have brought me onboard to direct one of two second-units for a documentary film called, at least tentatively, “As The Dust Settles.” 

I’m totally thrilled to be working on another film project with Susan Buice, Arin Crumley and Joe Griffin, who I worked with on Four Eyed Monsters, as well as the producer, Mike Hedge who is a super amazing guy on many levels and is doing an awesome job putting together everything and organizing it all.  And I’m also super excited to meet and work with all the other really talented people who have been selected as the core crew for this project.  It looks like a really amazing team has been out together.

I know it’s going to be a bit challenging to work out there in that environment for a number of reasons, but if anyone can do it, we can!  Hellz Yeah!

Official site is

I’ll check back in as soon as I can.

Sprinkler Rainbows: A Bright New Conspiracy Theory

What is ‘oozing out of our ground?’  Anyone?

I should mention that I did have rainbows in my sprinkler spray more than twenty years ago.  I guess this means that rural coastal Northern California well-water was hit first and then it spread to muni water supplies.


Jack Conte Music Videos – RAD!

2 Videos from Jack Conte’s YouTube Channel

This is an interesting video.  Reminds a little of the film, “The Science of Sleep.

And this one is cool because it shows the recording process of the song.

So who is Jack Conte?  I have no idea.  He’s awesome though.

Here’s his MySpace, his Last.FM Page, and where you can buy his EP “Nightmares and Daydreams” on CDBaby, and the same record via the iTunes Store.   


I can’t afford to buy music, so maybe Jack will feel my pain and hook me up.  Jack?  Haha.

OSX Adobe AIR Installation Problem SOLVED

When trying to install Adobe AIR on my Mac running 10.5.4, I was getting this annoying message:


Adobe AIR Installer requires Adobe AIR to be installed.  What?
Error: Adobe AIR Installer requires Adobe AIR to be installed. What?



This application requires Adobe AIR to function. Please download the latest version of the runtime from, then launch the application again.

Which is weird because why would Adobe AIR require Adobe AIR to install?  Isn’t that like… impossible?

I found the solution!


  1. Open System Preferences. 
  2. Click on International.
  3. Click on Edit List
  4. Check Or Uncheck a Language (In other words, change something)
  5. Hit OK to save the changes
  6. Adobe AIR will now install!


For Adobe AIR Installation, open System Preferences and click International

For Adobe AIR Installation, open System Preferences and click International






OSX Adobe AIR Installer Works Now!
OSX Adobe AIR Installer Works Now!

Green-Washing, Water-Hoarding, Guilt-Mongering, Pickens & ZapRoot

Comment I left on zaproot‘s episode 048 called Truth About The Pickens Plan …As of posting this, it hasn’t appeared on their site…

Here’s the Video I’m responding to:

I love me a good conspiracy theory.

I’m interested to see the evidence of this water-grabbing thing spelled out as more than just a reference and passing the buck to one article in Tucson Weekly (which has no sources or links).

Are there other sources?

I’m not a Pickens supporter per se, but I am a Web2 fanatic who thinks the grassroots/marketing efforts of the Pickens Plan are amazing, both in design and success so far.

I’d like to see the evidence of this theory about the mid-western aquifer properly added to the Wikipedia article on the page for the pickens plan… Currently, it only mentions one source, which seems to be the same source as for this episode.


Maybe I’m wrong, and I definitely have no reason to side with a rich-ass oil guy…

I just want my skepticism to be smart.

Dates, Bill Numbers, and other data would really help.

The Wikipedia article, which anyone can edit, has none of this. It simply mentions the existence of this theory, which to me really makes it seem like a stretch since something so important seems like it would have some wikipedia back-n-forth going on.

Where is the discussion? If the people of the US are blind to this alleged water-grab, can you really claim the position of moral high-ground while attempting to make [ad-supported] content out of the issue without lifting a finger to actually get the word out via the wikipedia [or any other medium with any kind of reach]?

You guys aren’t even popular enough to have a wikipedia article for yourselves, yet you claim to be delivering an important message. I know it probably took a few hours at least to edit all that green-screen stuff with the pretty host bouncing around.

Who’s “Green-Washing” who? Are you helping humanity? Are you participating in the cloud? Or are you just trying to sell a cute actress to us while capitalizing on our guilt by using the whole “green” thing?

This is social media, people. If it’s true, add it to the wikipedia with sources!

If it’s “true” let’s expose it properly! I can’t wait to hear back from you. BTW, I love Channel Frederator!!! —Andrew

BitTorrent Music Tracker Comparison and Meta-Search

I’m not going to try to be an expert on comparing trackers and/or sites, especially when the folks at File Share Freak already compiled a pretty awesome list of Music Trackers.

Oh damn, it hurts!  I’m still mourning the death of Oink!  Please, please, please, if you’re reading this and you can hook me up with the latest thing… [waffles?] …I’m dying over here!

Anyhow, back to the blogging.

I usually start off with a ScrapeTorrent search.  It’s a meta-search that searches several of the top trackers like The Pirate Bay etc… There’s also, which is also a meta-search, but I have found that has the better results… At least that’s how it seems to me.


Oink, I loved you!
Oink, I loved you!

Quicktime/OS X: No Audio For AVI Files? Solution: Perian

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 2009: In the last few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of traffic to this post. Please leave a comment if you recently installed Snow Leopard, which is what I suspect is the reason for the reason surge in searches for solutions to this problem.

.avi files are all over the place in the BitTorrent world.

If your Mac doesn’t seem to be able to play back .avi files with sound, you’re not alone.

But the solution is simple.  After a year of this, I finally found it. No longer do I need the VLC player, which was my old work-around for this problem.

Download Perian, “The swiss army knife of Quicktime components.”

Problem solved.  I can finally play avi movies and hear the audio in quicktime, itunes etc.

Interestingly enough, some people are saying that AVI is actually supposed to be an obsolete format. From a mac support forum:

“AVI is merely an (outdated) container which can include a number of different codecs, not all of which can be made Mac-compatible.”

…And from some random MIT-related site, I found:

“AVI (Audio-Video Interleave) is a rather old file format that Microsoft has been trying to abandon for years in an attempt to get people to switch to their Windows Media format instead. However, the simplicity of AVI and its ubiquity and made it quite popular, so AVIs are still widely used. There are many third-party developers using AVIs, so there is a wide array of AVI codecs available.”