Funky Painting from CraigsList, the Perfect Space-Aged Accent for my Work Space

I recently decided that I want to do more stuff in this funky color theme that came to my mind from a weird little piece of pottery my niece made in 1st grade or something.

I’ve been a user of the Easter color theme for a long time, especially for bedding, household items. It’s like Fairy Land or something.

This new color theme is similar but more like the Dark Side of Easter. Very plastic-y colors. Also, they are reminiscent of the tacky look of Black Light Paintings when viewed under a black light. The unnatural color combination resulting from only being able to use florescent colors. Of course, I wouldn’t want to actually be around florescents, but this color scheme I’ve been pondering is similar.

The colors are basically as follows and I imagine them in dark contexts or surrounded by much black (these are approximations):

  • Cerulean Blue (for sure)
  • Cadmium Yellow (probably)
  • Cadmium Orange (?)
  • Hookers Green (?)
  • Phthalo Blue (maybe)
  • And possibly some form of Indigo

So, lucky me, I found an ad on CraigsList today for a tacky painting measuring 28 X 84 inches that gives the same effect. I’m in love with the idea of this painting. Perhaps my work space will feel a little like the original Star Trek?? I called and I’m waiting to hear back. I can’t imagine there be much competition for this.

If I get it it, will be the background for my video conferencing setup. Sweet. I think it may be upside-down in the picture though. Easy fix. Haha.

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