CraigsList is a Hot Little Traffic-Driver! Damn.

Lately I get about 100 organic hits to my blog per day, which isn’t bad considering…

Yesterday I posted an ad on craigslist (Free Stuff in the North Bay/Marin Area) in response to an item being offered for free and I included a link in the ad linking to the rant I posted here about it (the painting I wanted). In the first half hour or so I got around 100 hits from craigslist! And it keeps coming…

If I was a spammer, which I’m not, I’d seriously consider trying to leverage craigslist’s community and traffic.

2 Replies to “CraigsList is a Hot Little Traffic-Driver! Damn.”

  1. I wish I got that painting so I could get it back to you! Please post back to Craigslist to let us curious folks know if you did indeed get it! Good luck!!!

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