Maximum File Size for Uploads In WordPress 2.5, 1and1 Web Hosting

Depending on how a server is set up, your WordPress installation might not allow you to upload files larger than say, 20 MB, or at least that’s how it was for me.

Upload form may give you an error saying “This file is too big. Your php.ini upload_max_filesize is 20M.” (or some other number)…

This file is too big. Your php.ini upload_max_filesize is 20M

This is actually not really a problem with WordPress as much as it is a problem with your server’s php installation settings. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix. If you see a file in your root directory called php.ini you can probably take care of this problem by following these intructions

However, if you are using 1and1 web hosting, like one of my recent clients, you wont see a php.ini file hangin around in your root directory. 1and1 doesn’t give you access to this file. Don’t cry. You can change the php.ini file, that you don’t have access to, by uploading a new one containing only the parameters you want to change, to every directory where you want the php rules to be changed, this means the root “/” the website’s folder if there is one “/website/” the sub-folder for wordpress if there is one “/blog/” and the directory called “/wp-admin/

The file only needs to have these lines in it

upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 30M

“M” stands for Megabyte, if that’s not completely obvious.  And you can put any value you want here.  I went with 100MB for uploads.

php.ini file for wordpress on 1and1 hosting using transmit

I’m leaning toward being cautious here. Probably you can just put one of these files into /wp-admin/ but I’m not sure. Also, you may be able to delete them once you put them in place and refresh the wordpress dashboard. I’m not sure about that either.

I eventually found this info after much googling here on 1and1’s page about this. Also included is how to do this using .htaccess which is what you need to do if have a Managed Server running PHP as an Apache Module.

What? 7-year-old steals car etc

Someone should let this kid try out drag racing, not punish him for his ingenuity.  It’s our job to empower children, not restrict them.  I’m proud of this little G for being so self-empowered.  With guidance, and people around him who are wise, he’ll go far in life.  

Four Eyed Monsters Video Podcast Lives! – Featured on MySpace HomePage

The final 5 episodes, 9-13 have begun rolling out.  This is being timed with the retail release of the film at Borders via Genius and IFC. The MySpace Home Page is a major traffic-driver!   MySpace has been a really big help with promoting the film since the beginning of the podcast series.  If you want to see the spot in action go to, and hit refresh til it comes up in the rotation.

 I think this is like the 4th time MySpace has featured Four Eyed Monsters in one way or another.  I put the value of this spot at between $50,000 and $100,000, based on what I’ve heard.


So Frustrated. Categories are GONE Thanks to Convert Categories to Tags “Feature”

Last night, I noticed that at the bottom of my posts, the links that normally link to the categories of my blog that i posted the post to, had changed into links to tag-searches in the wordpress community blog search pages. So rather than providing additional navigation throughout my site, the links are taking the reader away from my blog.

I wouldn’t mind this if it was parallel, that is if it said “posted in Category, Category2, Category3.” and then went on “Tagged with Category, Category2, Category3”

But no.

To me, the category links that go with each post are one of the most intuitive navigation features that blogs commonly have. They act like “See more by this author in this category” links. In fact, I think that category links in the sidebar of a blog are less user-friendly than the ones that accompany each post because of the scroll-free way in which you interact with them. You use category navigation largely to evaluate a site or to scan to find a specific kind of content. Who wants to be scrolling back UP and scanning side-columns to find the category navigation? Not me. Scan, click, scan, clack. That’s what we do. And we scan downward, not back up.

Recently, WordPress seems to have decided that they want users to start using the Tag feature. They’ve even moved the Category form way down below the fold of the WYSIWYG, below the Tag form.

I have never used Tags because I think they are pointless for the author to add. Tags are for folksonomies like delicious, not for bloggers to use to increase their own meta-clutter. We have meta keywords in html for that. And a good blogger will use categories in reasonable ways which will result in user-friendly navigation as well as SEO.

I thought maybe if I used the “Convert Categories to Tags” feature, once I had some tags in the database, maybe the “filed in” links would default back to the way they are supposed to… Maybe this was a bug I’m experiencing because I have never added a tag to my blog.

Alas, all my categories are now deleted. I have around 200 posts on this blog.

I’m realizing now that we’re being manipulated into driving traffic to Tag-Searches. Sickening. I don’t mind linking back to the community blog-pile, but shit, don’t take away my readers’ ease of use to do it! Jeez.

I Feel Sick. WordPress.Com has just Made A Major Blunder

Categories are not the same as tags, not in the infrastructure anyway.

This is so unfair. It feels like is selling me out to eyeball-count-based ideas of monetizing. This is not the culture of WordPress that I have based my trust and support on.

My blog is feeling suicidal right now. It’s not OK to exploit your users in order for WP’s pseudo-search-engine to get more traffic.

Maybe you guys don’t work on the weekend. Please just fix this right now, real quick.

God Damn, I’m so angry. Please reverse this update. It’s not cool.

WordPress, Why The F**K are my Categories Linking to Tags In the Community?

I love the WP Community stuff, but shit. This is horrible. I don’t want people navigating my blog to be navigating everyone who uses wordpress’ blog at the same time.



there’s no point in having a domain (or sub-domain) if readers are just going to end up in the larger community mix. May as well just serve permalinks for posts and not even have a serial publishing platform that is author-specific aka blogging platform.

huge mistake. Please fix it immediately.

The Lawn-Chair Idea. This May Help You To Understand Why I was So Into It.

This is a photo I took as a resource material. I was really more focused on aged plastic lawn chairs, with their patina of plastic degradation mixed with dust, dirt, mold etc… The aging of these things adds a layer of human-skin-like-ness… Real people have blemishes and unevenness in their skin. These plastic Lawn Chairs have all the qualities of manufactured ideals of organic beauty, and all the symptoms of how manufacturing makes something less organic. They have plucked eyebrows. They have face-lifts. And they are sexy but slightly repulsive and all too familiar.

Lawnchair Painting, Burnt Up In Fire

Another of the many Lawnchair Paintings I did over the course of a couple years. This one was destroyed in the fire, and I was glad to see it go in a way at the time. At a distance, now I see that there are some cool things about it. Oh well. It’s gone. Such is life.

Four Eyed Monsters Cable TV National Premiere Tonight @ 9 Eastern

UPDATE, 2008-04-24: The times it aired were, according to my email transcripts with friends and family Etc: 

  1. 2008-04-25 @ 6:00 pm PST
  2. 2008-04-26 @ 1:30 am PST
  3. 2008-05-10 @ 11:00 am PST

Four Eyed Monsters, the feature film, will have its national cable TV debut tonight at 9pm Eastern time on IFC. The film has received tons of awards and critical acclaim since it first hit the film festival circuit. It was even nominated for two Independent Spirit awards, Best Cinematography and Best Feature made for under a half million dollars (or something like that).

The film has made a big splash in the realms of Social Media Marketing and Digital Distribution. So this is news on a few different levels. It was the first feature film to screen in Second Life; the first full-length film shown on YouTube; probably the first MiniDV film to get a “best cinematography” nomination from a major film award organization (pretty sure about that one); one of the first films to be advertised via additional content via podcasting (probably the first film to video podcast at all); and all this from a film initially thought to be un-marketable by Hollywood distributors. This film has clawed it’s way up the back of our mainstream culture using totally innovative methods and now, after proving itself online, having been watched around a million times on YouTube, Four Eyed Monsters has been acquired by IFC. Smart pick, IFC!

Tune in! (isn’t that what they used to say back in the TV days?)

For the sake of being fair, full disclosure and all that, I worked on the film and composed the score. It’s still good though, I promise.

CraigsList is a Hot Little Traffic-Driver! Damn.

Lately I get about 100 organic hits to my blog per day, which isn’t bad considering…

Yesterday I posted an ad on craigslist (Free Stuff in the North Bay/Marin Area) in response to an item being offered for free and I included a link in the ad linking to the rant I posted here about it (the painting I wanted). In the first half hour or so I got around 100 hits from craigslist! And it keeps coming…

If I was a spammer, which I’m not, I’d seriously consider trying to leverage craigslist’s community and traffic.

My Life, My Ego Manifested (As Socks)

I have tons of socks that are similar, but not the same. I can’t bring myself to mix and match so each time I do laundry, I have to carefully examine the stitching, subtle differences in color, and amount of wear, making sure to not pair two that are of a different brand or age.

This is difficult to do because I have approximately four different brands, from at least 6 different purchases. At the laundromat, I find myself contemplating the differences of these socks very carefully, while feeling like to most people, these are trivial differences. I get self-conscious when other people are around because I feel like I must look crazy. To some people all these socks would be dubbed “The Same,” but to me, they are very, very different and for some reason I really care about this. This is important to me. It’s my life.

Funky Painting from CraigsList, the Perfect Space-Aged Accent for my Work Space

I recently decided that I want to do more stuff in this funky color theme that came to my mind from a weird little piece of pottery my niece made in 1st grade or something.

I’ve been a user of the Easter color theme for a long time, especially for bedding, household items. It’s like Fairy Land or something.

This new color theme is similar but more like the Dark Side of Easter. Very plastic-y colors. Also, they are reminiscent of the tacky look of Black Light Paintings when viewed under a black light. The unnatural color combination resulting from only being able to use florescent colors. Of course, I wouldn’t want to actually be around florescents, but this color scheme I’ve been pondering is similar.

The colors are basically as follows and I imagine them in dark contexts or surrounded by much black (these are approximations):

  • Cerulean Blue (for sure)
  • Cadmium Yellow (probably)
  • Cadmium Orange (?)
  • Hookers Green (?)
  • Phthalo Blue (maybe)
  • And possibly some form of Indigo

So, lucky me, I found an ad on CraigsList today for a tacky painting measuring 28 X 84 inches that gives the same effect. I’m in love with the idea of this painting. Perhaps my work space will feel a little like the original Star Trek?? I called and I’m waiting to hear back. I can’t imagine there be much competition for this.

If I get it it, will be the background for my video conferencing setup. Sweet. I think it may be upside-down in the picture though. Easy fix. Haha.

Pyramid Schemes, “Gifting Programs,” “Phil In New Mexico,” craigslist etc.

Web Pyramid Schemes, “Gifting Programs,” “Phil In New Mexico”

If you’re reading this, and you found this page via a google search, I think it may be prudent for you to go read this wikipedia entry on Pyramid Schemes.



The other day I glanced at the gigs section of the local CraigsList, and saw an ad titled

“Internet Marketing, One Person is All I’m Looking For”

the copy of the ad was like this:

This is a gifting program. If you would like proof from me, I can show you proof of the program’s longevity and seriousness, and, if you like, its legality.

For your marketing efforts, for every visitor who signs up I will pay you 20% of the relevant price point. Price points start at $500, to $10,000 max.

Thanks very much for your interest.

References or proof of work required, please.

I wrote to which was included in the craigslist post and asked what it was they are looking for help with, since I’m pretty hip to Web Marketing.

Phil Blumberg aka “Phil in New Mexico” responded:
Hello Andrew–
I need to drive as much traffic as possible to the gifting site.
You can go to the splash page (without signing up) the URL is
You can go directly to the main site the URL is
It would be great if you get a chance to read the text or most of the text on the 2nd site.
Each visitor who joins decides what level to come in on: $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, or $10,000. Whatever the newly signed-up’s level, you would get 20% of that amount.
So check it out. I really look forward to your responses.

Phil in New Mexico

ME: So… Where does the other 80% go? And what do people get for signing up? I mean what is their incentive?

PHIL: The websites are mine because I’ve already joined the program. The 80% is mine for the same reason, and because I’m choosing to spend money to market the site. The people I bring in pay me directly; those people will bring in people of their own who pay them directly. When you can, check out the main site. Thanks–Phil

I googled the email address and found some really ugly websites and other craigslist ads, all seeming to be for the sake of promoting this “system” for generating money. Notably, and Go take a look! They’re fun!

To me this looked like a Pyramid scheme. But rather than ask Phil if he realizes that pyramid schemes are illegal, I thought I’d try to get some more information:

ME: Has it worked for you? How much have you made from the program so far?

So far, he hasn’t written back.

This got me thinking. If I can take advantage of people who are naive, and I can get them to send me $500, in the hope of getting rich themselves, should I do it?

I think not. I generally have problems putting value on knowledge. I generally have problems operating in a capitalist scenario, where scarcity is so important. I generally really want to help people and it’s impossible to put a monetary value on empathy. I certainly don’t want to take advantage of people. I hate this kind of thing. It makes me sick.

On a lighter note, here’s some really fun images:

Want that watch? I bet you do.

Imagine a World Without Popup Ads.

I can’t believe this is still going on. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to these jerks to do this, as they continually cash in on the occasional newb?

I won a free laptop? Really?

This one was compelling to me, thus the few minutes I decided to waste posting this.


“wrote an interesting post today” SEO, Evil Robots and One Sad Outcome of Non-Semantics in Spam-Control/Search

I’ve mentioned before how increasingly the ‘Live Web’ or ‘Blogosphere’ (or whatever you want to call this thing) is being infiltrated by Robot Blogs. What they appear to be doing is crawling the web and scraping excerpts of blog posts and reposting the excerpts, linking back to where it came from. They usually say:

“[KeyWord] wrote an interesting post today”

Since they link back to the blog post they scraped, they show up as a trackback in the comments area of the original post. This way, the unsuspecting blogger is linking to the fake blog. The fake blogs seem to be set up in an attempt at monetizing traffic via adsense ads.

I googled the phrase “wrote an interesting post today” and the top hit was (I probably am the top hit now) some blogger talking about filtering any comment that contains the phrase “wrote an interesting post today.”

I had decided to change my little tagline thingy to this exact phrase as a sort of inside joke for bloggers, but found myself wondering if being associated with that phrase will adversely effect my findability. Perhaps Search Engines or Spam Filters will begin to look out for that phrase?

Already, I bet there are tons of bloggers who filter out comments containing words like “viagra” or “casino,” assuming that there is absolutely no context in which these words could be used in a legitimate discussion. The fact that I am using those words here is proof that there is such a thing as a legitimate discussion which contains them.

Filtering for a word or phrase seems to me to be a slippery slope, especially if we’re talking about Search Engines, since they act as our main interface to the Web.

Google: Please don’t hate me because I said Viagra. I’m not a spammer.

Free Up Room On Your PC – Romove Old Versions of Java Runtime

I just heard this mentioned on one of my most favorite podcasts, Buzz Out Loud, from CNet, a rad daily tech news show.

For you unfortunate Windows users, I know it can be scary to remove things from your computer. If you run out of space on your C Drive, here’s one small way to get some back.

Go to add/remove programs in your control panel and remove all the old versions of the Java Runtime.

I googled around to verify that this is safe to do. The old versions are not needed. The latest one is indeed complete and non-dependent.


PHP Application Turns MySpace Friends Into CSV – View/Mine in Excel Spreadsheet Etc

My friend threw together an app that scrapes your MySpace contacts and puts useful info into a reusable format.


UPDATE: It’s also available as a Torrent via The Pirate Bay. Please consider seeding this. It’s a tiny, tiny file.

Here’s the Read Me info I just put together to go with it:

and change those.
Save the file.
Upload these two files to your server.
point your web browser to http://where-you-put-the-file-on-your-server/ms_test.php
and what will result is a CSV file of all your MySpace friends and their demographic information. Also included is the URLs to “send message” etc, and some other useful things.
View the source of the page and copy it into a PlainText text file
Name the text file with the extension .csv
Now you should be able to work with your myspace friends in Excel

There is nothing malicious about this simple application. No viruses, spyware etc. It only does what it’s supposed to do: scrape your friends so you can more easily work with your social network data.

If you are of the camp that feels that people scraping their own myspace contacts is unethical, I suggest that you consider that all the pages are already available and the data they contain is rendered in HTML which can be freely accessed already. This is just a tool to make it easier to get the useful data separated from the clutter.

Finally, this is possibly against MySpace’s Terms Of Service, so use at your own risk.

MySpace iPhone App Coming Soon

[viddler id=10cc3285&h=370&w=437]

This looks cool. Thanks, Arin for the heads up.

I wish it wasn’t necessary for developer to build their own APIs for these social sites like myspace. I wish there was just a comprehensive API to begin with.

Dog-Friendly Realty in the SF Bay Area? Talk About Niche!

I recently helped this nice lady out with her WordPress blog. She’s a dog lover (like me) and realtor.

Djuna Woods specializes in dog-friendly real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area and especially the Menlo Park area. I like the idea of people putting their efforts toward something specific like this. It’s smart, helpful, holistic and effective (especially online).

One of Chris Andersen’s “thousand of niches” for sure.

Better Than Azureus, Transmission OSX BitTorrent Client

Currently on OSX 10.4.11


Better Than Azureus

I’m going to miss the cute frog I’ve gotten so used to relying on.

But what I’m not going to miss is VUZE or VUSE or whatever, the media portal that Azureus started making me look at a while back. There hasn’t been any settings for making it so Azureus launches into “advanced” view, so every freaking time I launch Azureus, I end up having to deal with that Vuze shit.

Goodbye Azureus. Hello Transmission!

Transmission is light-weight, user-friendly, smart, Open-Source… Do I need to go on? It’s just way better.

Sorry, cute, shiny frog. Goodbye. I doubt I’ll ever look back. But I will miss the froggy.


I’m writing this through FireFox. I’m only using FireFox because Flock and Safari are both shit-out-of-luck with the recent back-end upgrade.

I hate this.

I hate using FireFox. I like Safari because it’s native to osx and it’s not buggy (and it’s fast). I like Flock for all the reasons people like FireFox, and then some.

Why do i have to use FireFox if I don’t like it? This sucks.

I can’t post blogs with either Flock or Safari.

I’m using OSX 10.4

Please fix this, WordPress wizards!

GarageBand-Quickie Enhancement For Skype/Speach/Call Recordings, Podcasting Etc

After some experimentation, I found this is a good, quick, cheap way to get your audio levels for spoken word material up to snuff in a jiffy, without needing to understand much of anything about the technical aspect. Only requirement: a Mac.

Of course, all sources should be processed this way individually if possible.

If you’re recording Skype calls with CallRecorder, you should use Ecamm’s free tool (zip file download) for extracting the individual tracks from the saved Quicktime movie and import each side of the conversation into GarageBand on its own track.

Volume should be optimized for -0.5 db. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on an automatic process like Levelator for this. Maybe I’m old-school. I think it’s best to process each instrument/track with the following, in this order:
A. EQ (mainly to reduce rumble, plosives (‘P’ sound blasts), if there are any)
B. Compressor (Lessens the dynamic range of the material, allowing you to increase the volume with less clipping (overloading))
C. Limiter (takes care of the occasional clipping that occurs once you compress and boost the volume)
Then, put an additional Limiter on a Master Track, just in case.

Here’s how you could approach this using GarageBand:

Since GarageBand only has two open-ended plugin slots per instrument/track, you can take care of the EQ and Compression in one step (more or less), by using Apple’s built-in “AUMultibandCompressor” plugin (comes standard with every Mac). Assign the first plugin slot to “AUMultibandCompressor,” and the second slot to “AUPeakLimiter.” (pic)


A good place to start for setting up the Compression is the “Gentle” preset. Then, to get to the settings so you can fine-tune, click the little pencil button. First turn up the pre-gain volume until you have plenty of compression happening. You’ll know because all four of the meters on the bottom will be active almost all the time there is sound coming from that track (pic below).


Then, turn up the post-gain volume until the track’s meter (pic below) in the main GarageBand window is hitting the top on all the louder syllables, like the ones that start with P’s or K’s.

Do all this with the Tracks’ volume settings at their default positions. Only use the compression’s post-gain setting to increase the volume of the tracks, that way the Peak Limiter’s default settings will be in the right place. If the Limiter was set to stop the volume from going over -0.5db and you increased the tracks volume to +3db, the result would be that the audio could reach +2.5db, which is too loud. So leave the track volumes alone and only work with the gain controls in the settings for the Compressor plugin so that the Limiter’s -0.5 is the same as the Track Volume’s -0.5… (sorry if that’s confusing)

The goal is for the track volumes to get as high as possible without ever triggering the little virtual clip indicator lights (pic). If they do get set off, they reset by clicking on them.


If a track’s audio is hitting the red in the meter, but never tripping the clip indicators (pic), you’ve achieved the sweet spot of plenty loud, but not too loud).

Your podcast will seem as loud as everything else out there. Hurray!

If there is a lot of rumble from breath or microphone handling, or ‘Pops’ from P sounds (plosives), you can cut the Low-EQ of the track by reducing the “EQ 1” setting of the compression plugin.
ANOTHER NOTE: If the sound starts to seem too artificial-sounding (squashed), back off on the pre-gain a little and compensate with the post-gain to get it back up to an adequate level (hitting the orange and red fairly frequently while never setting off the clip indicators)