Heard of the WWW? How about the GGG?

Tim Berners-Lee recently posted on his blog about the idea of the “Giant Global Graph,” an alternate name for the Semantic Web which is also called “The Data Web” (as opposed to the “Document Web”) “The Web Of Data” (as opposed to the “Web of Documents”), and even “Web 3.0”

Cool quote from his article:

“The less inviting side of sharing is losing some control. Indeed, at each layer — Net, Web, or Graph — we have ceded some control for greater benefits.

People running Internet systems had to let their computer be used for forwarding other people’s packets, and connecting new applications they had no control over. People making web sites sometimes tried to legally prevent others from linking into the site, as they wanted complete control of the user experience, and they would not link out as they did not want people to escape. Until after a few months they realized how the web works. And the re-use kicked in. And the payoff started blowing people’s minds.

Letting your data connect to other people’s data is a bit about letting go in that sense. It is still not about giving to people data which they don’t have a right to. It is about letting it be connected to data from peer sites. It is about letting it be joined to data from other applications.

It is about getting excited about connections, rather than nervous.”

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