Mac “Type” and “Creator” (Default Application, Regardless of File Extension)

A recent comment on my post about DP SD2 files not opening correctly shed some light on how OSX determines what application will open a file, regardless of the extension. For instance, I have JPG’s that open with various applications so clearly there’s more to it than just the extension

Jargon Scott Says:
December 31, 2007 at 6:42 am e

Maybe you need to reassign the type/creator info for the files. SD2 files created by DP are type “Sd2f” and creator “MOUP”.

Thanks, dude!

From MOTU’s support faq

What is the Mac file type and creator for Digital Performer files?

Digital Performer project files have a Mac file type of “PERF” and a creator of “MOUP”. If you have DP files which have become damaged or corrupt in some way and they can no longer be opened by Digital Performer because they are grayed out in the File > Open dialog, the file type and creator may need to be reset to their proper values. This can be accomplished with third-party file utilities like FileBuddy, FileType, and Quick Change, or using the SetFile command in Terminal (OS X Developer Tools must be installed).

Good ol’ File Buddy. File Buddy is like a Turbo-Charged Finder. It gives you acces to invisible files, meta data etc, that are normally hidden from you thru OSX unless you’re in the Terminal. Definitely a good thing to have around.


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