War on Culture: Prince joins the Dark Side. Prince, You’re a tool.

Prince is on the other team. The pro-control, pro-ownership-of-culture team. The team that likes to sue music fans.

Stolen from CNET

  • The rock star has hired Web Sheriff, a British-based company that specializes in hunting down pirated content on the Web, to launch a legal campaign against companies that wrongfully profit from the artist’s work, according to John Giacobbi, Web Sheriff’s president.

Stolen from Wikipedia.org

  • On September 14, 2007, Prince announced that he was going to sue YouTube and eBay because they “appear to choose not to filter out the unauthorized music and film content which is core to their business success.” A representative told Reuters, “The problem is that one can reduce it to zero and then the next day there will be 100 or 500 or whatever. This carries on ad nauseam at Prince’s expense.” [29] [30] Doug Lichtman, a lawyer for Prince released a statement saying, “above all, copyright law can welcome only those with pure motives. Those who abuse the law’s caution have no claim for its mercy.”


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