Oink RUMORS demystified?

One of the moderators from Oink posted a blog entry to shed some light one what’s going on and what isn’t going on with regard to the shut-down of Oink’s Pink Palace and the seizure of Oink’s srvers. In a blog post titled “Sit Down and Shut The F*** Up,” someone calling him/herself ‘Paine’ wrote

I’m Paine. I used to be a moderator at OiNK.cd, until, as you know, we were shut down by the BPI and IFPI.

Now, there are far, FAR too many rumours flying around, and I wanted to set some shit straight.

1. There is no official OiNK IRC right now.

EDIT: Defunct. See newest post.

2. OiNK will _NOT_ be up today, or tomorrow.

We’re not magic. None of the moderators have access to the current code and databases right now — in fact, neither does OiNK himself, as his stuff was confiscated (remember the crap you saw in the plastic bags on the news?). People purporting to be TMT and/or OiNK are, to be frank, lying their fucking asses off.

3. There is currently _NO_ “oink legal fund”.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give ANY money to ANY of these fake funds you are seeing. They are scams. OiNK will not see a penny of this money, and neither will you.

4. OiNK himself is safe and well.

He’s fine and out on bail.

5. There is no “official” OiNK forum right now.

While there may not be an official forum, a lot of our ex-users are flocking to http://www.ohax.com/phpBB2/ — Some of the users on there are actually staff. However there are also people maliciously using that site to link to scam sites and other various filth.

Anyway, I hope that’s settled a lot of shit. If you’re in doubt I’m who I say I am, then don’t believe me. I encourage you all to exercise extreme caution when people are floating around throwing names about left right and center saying these things. The “TMT” on Dalnet was not our TMT. In fact, nobody has been in contact with him, and I expect it will remain that way for a very long time.

Edit: A few people have asked me if we logged the IP you snatched things from. The answer is no, we did not log snatch IPs.

Edit 2: This is an important one — Your passwords do NOT need to be changed, they were stored as salted MD5 hashes. All the authorities have is the hashes. The only way they can get the original passwords is via brute force. The chances of that are slim to none if you followed standard good password practice.

Nice to know!


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