NIN, Trent Reznor says steal my music! (And Share it with your friends)

I’ve always had a lot of admiration for Trent Reznor, especially as a producer and proveyer of weird noises. He’s good at making weird noises. And I love weird noises.

In the beginning of this concert clip, he explains to the crowd that since the record companies wont lower their prices, fans should all just go ahead and steal the music.

The song they go in to after is neat too. I really like how NIN uses digital effects. I just might go *buy* that record. Nah. I’ll barrow it from one of my several million close friends online.

Reznor also publishes Garageband versions of songs for people to remix. Pretty cool. Yay for Nine Inch Nails! Forward thinking for sure.

I don’t answer calls from “Private” Numbers!

Update: You can usually un-block your landline number on a per-call basis by pressing *82 before you dial out.

I hate not knowing who’s calling. If you have a Private Number, I suggest you UN-Private it. It’s become a symbol of untrustworthiness. Sorry to say it.

Maybe I don’t have a right to know who you are. Then again, maybe you don’t have a right to bother me.

You say, “What about back when we didn’t have Caller I.D? Did you just not answer the phone?”
I say, “Yes. A good deal of the time I didn’t answer the phone.”

Besides, now we do have Caller I.D, so that’s the norm and that’s what is expected.

Emails have return addresses, real mail has return addresses, human beings speaking to eachother in person have return addresses and so should phone calls.


Tumblr is AWESOME!

Tumblr imports and re-blogs your wordpress, blogger, twitter, youtube, flickr, delicious and other RSS feeds to a new, super user-friendly publishing platform… super-automatic. Super easy. Super awesome.

If I had known this before I spent a bunch of time adding my other feeds to my blogroll, I wouldn’t have bothered. I may have to ditch WordPress alltogether now. We’ll see. Tumblr is just… Amazing.

WordPress is an OpenID Server now. Lindas Too!

Been making some tweaks and updates to this blog and the links over there on the side. I just noticed that WordPress is an OpenID server now. I think that’s a new feature for WordPress. OpenID is a way for signing in to multiple sites/services with only one actual login. In turn, you don’t need to go thru an email registration process to sign up with a service that supports OpenID sign-in. Just give the new site the URL of your OpenID and if you’re signed in with your OpenID, youre good to go. I think it’s cool that OpenID continues to spread. That’s all for information.

To make this post more interesting, I’m including a selection of Lindas from a google image search. Try it some time. Pick a random name and go for it. You get some really weird and interesting stuff. Linda Braidwood seems to be a popular Linda. Interesting. Look at the guy with his face missing! Wow. Choral Directors’ Guide to Sanity and Success. Hmmm.

Information R/evolution

The next video from Mike Wesch, is a sort of re-mix of the ideas from his earlier video, but now also incorporating the theme of “Everything Is Miscellaneous”

Beautiful. An explosion indeed. Reader, don’t even bring up Big Brother.

beauty. Digitally ‘enhanced’

(this is part of a PR campaign by the soap company Dove)(They’re re-packaging the idea of honesty and natural beauty and selling it back to us by associating their company with the concept)(brilliant)(I don’t mind because it’s good content)

Oink RUMORS demystified?

One of the moderators from Oink posted a blog entry to shed some light one what’s going on and what isn’t going on with regard to the shut-down of Oink’s Pink Palace and the seizure of Oink’s srvers. In a blog post titled “Sit Down and Shut The F*** Up,” someone calling him/herself ‘Paine’ wrote

I’m Paine. I used to be a moderator at, until, as you know, we were shut down by the BPI and IFPI.

Now, there are far, FAR too many rumours flying around, and I wanted to set some shit straight.

1. There is no official OiNK IRC right now.

EDIT: Defunct. See newest post.

2. OiNK will _NOT_ be up today, or tomorrow.

We’re not magic. None of the moderators have access to the current code and databases right now — in fact, neither does OiNK himself, as his stuff was confiscated (remember the crap you saw in the plastic bags on the news?). People purporting to be TMT and/or OiNK are, to be frank, lying their fucking asses off.

3. There is currently _NO_ “oink legal fund”.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give ANY money to ANY of these fake funds you are seeing. They are scams. OiNK will not see a penny of this money, and neither will you.

4. OiNK himself is safe and well.

He’s fine and out on bail.

5. There is no “official” OiNK forum right now.

While there may not be an official forum, a lot of our ex-users are flocking to — Some of the users on there are actually staff. However there are also people maliciously using that site to link to scam sites and other various filth.

Anyway, I hope that’s settled a lot of shit. If you’re in doubt I’m who I say I am, then don’t believe me. I encourage you all to exercise extreme caution when people are floating around throwing names about left right and center saying these things. The “TMT” on Dalnet was not our TMT. In fact, nobody has been in contact with him, and I expect it will remain that way for a very long time.

Edit: A few people have asked me if we logged the IP you snatched things from. The answer is no, we did not log snatch IPs.

Edit 2: This is an important one — Your passwords do NOT need to be changed, they were stored as salted MD5 hashes. All the authorities have is the hashes. The only way they can get the original passwords is via brute force. The chances of that are slim to none if you followed standard good password practice.

Nice to know!


Oink’s Pink Palace got busted!

Quote from TorrentFreak:

Jeremy Banks, Head of the IFPI’s Internet Anti-Piracy Unit, said in a reponse to the news: “OiNK was central to the illegal distribution of pre-release music online. This was not a case of friends sharing music for pleasure. This was a worldwide network that got hold of music they did not own the rights to and posted it online.”

The Famous Tracker’s front page reads:

“This site has been closed as a result of a criminal investigation by IFPI, BPI,
Cleveland Police and the Fiscal Investigation Unit of the Dutch Police (FIOD ECD) into
suspected illegal music distribution.

A criminal investigation continues into the identities and activities of the site’s

phpbb forum installed over at FOAFr

We got a forum up and running over at foafr. Amung other things, this will be a place for discussing ideas in and around the project. It will also be our interim code-publishing platform.

Matt put up the first piece of code which is a PHP MySpace Login

We hope that by giving away our source code, we can build a community of people, exchanging ideas and hacks.

This feels good.

Audio Book Version of “Free Culture” written by Lawrence Lessig

Just got done listening to Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. It’s worth the ear time for sure.

The HomePage is here

BTW, I have to say, the version I listened to seems to have been read by numerous people, with no prevailing standard of quality throughout the recording of each segment. This made it less enjoyable than it could have been but either way, the quality of the arguements in the book made it still well worth the pain involved.

For a preview click on this:
“Free Culture” popup audiobook

Audio Book Version of “Free Culture” written by Lawrence Lessig

Just got done listening to Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. It’s worth the ear time for sure.

The HomePage is here

BTW, I have to say, the version I listened to seems to have been read by numerous people, with no prevailing standard of quality throughout the recording of each segment. This made it less enjoyable than it could have been but either way, the quality of the arguements in the book made it still well worth the pain involved.

For a preview click on this:
“Free Culture” popup audiobook

I love you, man.

I got a text message syaing that.
“I love you, man.”
I’m not saying it wasn’t nice of my friend to send that to me. Nor am I saying that I didn’t find it touching to recieve it at a mere $0.10 USD.

But think about the difference between getting:
“I love you, man.”
and getting:
“I love you.”
There’s a big difference, isn’t there. You know there is.

And while the last person I slept with (for way too long) and her circle of friends may consider it customary to say “I love you” to anyone you’ve had sex with enough times in the same week to assume that you’ll be having sex with them again within the next few days, they still do have a very clear “I love you” threshhold. There’s a clear division between a relationship in which it’s appropriate to say “I love you”, and a relationship in which you wouldn’t dare say “I love you”. And for them too, saying “I love you” is way different than saying slightly different variations like “I just love you,” which means something like “I love it when you tell jokes.” or “I love it when you’re at the same party as me.” In the third person, this is usually “I just love her!” which could mean “She and I aren’t close friends or anything, but she seems nice enough and there’s no bad rumors about her that I know of.” They don’t usually say “I love you, man” becuase they’re women, and “I love you, man” is normally only said by men to other men.

Which brings me back to what happened today. I got an “I love you, man.” from a woman friend of mine! She is a platonic friend who I admire artistically and is not a romantic interest in any way. She was just following up after a phone call in which we ended up discussing a recent tragedy she has been dealing with. “Thanks for listening. I love you man” is what I got about an hour after our busy-ness-es pulled us away from our phones prematurely. Wow. Isn’t that something? I mean the fact that a woman is saying that to me, is a clear indication that our language needs work. She was trying to say something, but didn’t want to confuse me or push the wrong button by saying “I love you.” That would have been inappropriate. But she wanted to say something. Something!

Generally, “I love you, man” is sort of like saying “I love you” then pulling out at the last minute. Among men, this is how it normally plays out: a few beers go down, a wave of emotion comes over someone, they suddunly feel like they love the other person, they decide to tell them, but mid-sentence realize it’s gay to do so, or so they think, or so they think the other person thinks. Or perhaps they just realize that it’s probably just a passing feeling, not worthy of expressing with an “I love you.” Since it’s too late to not say “I love you” the word “man” is added. In the world of attempting to express feelings to other people, the way “I love you man” often happens can be compared to certain suicide scenarios: Imagine someone jumping off a cliff on purpose in order to take his or her own life. Then, on the way down, toward the inescapable consequence of their actions, they realize what they have just done and that there’s no way out of it. They yell “Fuck!!” or “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…” Of course with saying “I love you” it’s like the suicidal guy’s got a parachute on by accident and realizes it just in time and pulls the little cord and lives happily ever after. The parachute is the word “man.” Since like the parachute on the suicider’s back, the word “man” is a last-minute bail-out, the phrase “I love you, man” ends up often sounding like:
“I love you. …man. ”

Now as side-note, I want it to be known, not that anyone actually reads this, that for whatever reason, possibly walt disney movies, or the fact that one of my parents was born in 1927, I’ve always had a more serious personal definition for “Love” than my peers and a more conservative sense of when and how it should be used. I guess I’m unlike most of the people my age in that when it comes to “Love,” as a word to direct at people, or explain my relationships, I’ve always tried to be careful with it. I think my rule of thumb has always had something to do with whether or not I could reverse the statement. I would never tell someone I love them if I thought it was possible that in a year’s time, I would be afraid to run into them at the grocery market. I have only ever said “I love you” to people who I truely believed, and with what have proven to be surprisingly accurate predictions, I would continue to ‘Love’ for the remainder of my life, regardless of the circumstances of our relationships or how frequntly on infrequently we see eachother. These are people who perhaps I haven’t seen in ten years, but wouldn’t think twice about including in my plans at the drop of a hat. I do have issues with the way my generation uses the word “Love” to describe relationships and intamacy in general. That said, what I’m talking about with the whole “I love you” vs. “I love you man” thing is really a completely seperate issue in my mind.

Search for Barney and become a reader of Homosexual Propaganda

I was working on a powerpoint presentation for a friend. While looking for a picture of Barney, the annoying purple children’s entertainer, I found myself clicking through on a picture of Matthew Barney, the artist and life-partner of Bjork.

I guess I was wondering why he was even on the 3rd or 4th page og image results.

I found myself reading something to the effect that MB is probably only as famous as he is because he’s an attractive man. Interesting idea, and I’m not doing the article justice really, because there was more to it than that, but from my point of view it’s funny.

I clicked thru to see why his image was coming up where it did. And next thing I know I’m reading that the main reason he’s so well known is because of his looks… An article I found and clicked thru to because of MB’s unmistakable face.

In a weird way, me and the guy who wrote that post are making his hypothesis true.

I poked around for a while and it’s a fun blog. It’s funny. He pots pictures of “Smiling Men” every Monday I guess. Usually they’re half-naked men. So if you’re into that sort of thing, enjoy. If you’re not, and either am I, don’t.

Smiling Men

Call to action, world. Time to change your ways!

Stop calling your podcast a podcast. Just call it a feed. Saying “podcast” alienates people on the dark side of the digital divide. People think they need certain products in order to use rss or atom feeds, partly because people associate podcasting with ipods. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you’re in radio, say something like:
“If you want to hear this program again, go to our website and check out our feed.”

“Feed” needs to catch on. That’s what they are. They’re just feeds.