Keen. What a dick! (written by an amateur (me))

I’m not going to lend him the publicity of writing his full name, as I believe he is spreading evil propaganda. But here’s his wikipedia entry.
The idea is that ‘web 2.0,’ is a threat to the QUALITY of our culture. Not only is it lowering our standards for media of all types, news, music, filmmaking etc, but he also compares social media to “1984 2.0”

What a fucker.

Three trends that I believe will continue to change our digital lives.

1. Widgetization

Small, very simple user interfaces for applications.  I think Flash will continue to be popular as more and more applications are designed to display information and media from numerous locations.  Desktop, mobile devices, social networking site profiles Etc.  I’d be rooting for AJaX, but from the perspective of a site like MySpace, Flash Embedded objects are safer for the end-user, I guess(?).

2. Online/Offline Synchronization of Storage and Applications

It doesn’t take much of a visionary to see some of the reasons for this trend.  Multi-device/multi-platform syncing, collaboration and Data backup, are all incentives for users to increasingly trust application providers.  Social media curation too!  Application providers will increasingly  mine user data in order to inform targeted advertising.  It  sounds icky, but I think it’s inevitable.

3. Convergence(s)

Texting, I.M, and Email.   Video-conferencing and  ‘phone.’   I think the lines between these will begin to dissolve soon.

Passive media consumption and socially/targeted media consumption.  It’s already happening.


It seems that for these reasons, hosting will continue to cheapen and become free.  Media, such as music, television, film, will increasingly become free and readily available.  Web 2.5?  2.9?