First Ever Full-Length Feature Film on YouTube (cricket sounds)

I find it rather interesting that there’s been no substantial mainstream press about the fact that Four Eyed Monsters, which I fully and proudly admit I was involved with creating, is the first full length film to be available on YouTube!!

You’d think there’d some hype about this. “YouTube is moving in on the cable television market…” or “New Horizons for Independent Films…” or “[fill in the blank]…”

It doesn’t take a much more than an average understanding of the traditional ‘channels’ for feature-length content delivery (theatrical, cable, broadcast & satellite tv, dvd retail and rental stores, Netflix etc and of course, illegally, BitTorrent), to realize that this is kind of a big deal. Effin’ YouTube!

Of course, the flash-transcoded version of the film on YouTube is not nearly as high-quality as it could be, but still…An entire film, available for free, commercial-free, online… On YouTube… Surely more films will follow, and this ties in nicely with apple-tv’s approaching youtube offerings…

This IS a news story! But for some reason (fill in the obvious conspiracy theory), beyond a few popular blogs, this is decidedly a non-event.

I was thinking the independent film blogs would cover this at least (indiewire etc, correct me if they have and I’m wrong)…

So it’s 5am and I’m a little buzzed, sending out a message to the Blogosphere. I love you, Blogosphere!!!

I see Four Eyed Monsters’ YouTube debut as a cover-story, the cover-story that wasn’t there.

Sad. Arin & Susan could use the attention. is paying them one dollar for everyone that signs up for Spout’s free service because of F.E.M… Visit and send a little love (free love) to a couple of innovative and damn hard-working filmmakers!!