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Lambs, Metal, Christians & Google

OK, so there’s a Christian Folk singer who has the same name as I do.

the christian andrew peterson

This kinda sucks for me because I also make music and I wanna get rich and famous too, but will suffer from identity issues as long as this more established maker of music is out there. It’s not his fault. It’s not my fault either. Maybe it’s God’s fault, but I personally like to leave “God” out of things.

Which brings me to the next aspect of this name-sharing situation that bothers me: If someone was searching for my music online, they might get us confused and think that I am making Christian Folk songs! This is terrible because to me, that’s worse than someone thinking that I make “Smooth Jazz!”

But the other day I noticed that there’s a Metal band called The Lamb Of God, which is funny because one Andrew Peterson’s (the Christian Folk Singer’s) albums is called “Behold The Lamb Of God.” So if someone was searching for that Christian Folk Record, they might stumble upon these guys:
metal band photo

Haha. I guess what comes around goes around? Weird.