The Lawn-Chair Idea. This May Help You To Understand Why I was So Into It.

This is a photo I took as a resource material. I was really more focused on aged plastic lawn chairs, with their patina of plastic degradation mixed with dust, dirt, mold etc… The aging of these things adds a layer of human-skin-like-ness… Real people have blemishes and unevenness in their skin. These plastic Lawn Chairs have all the qualities of manufactured ideals of organic beauty, and all the symptoms of how manufacturing makes something less organic. They have plucked eyebrows. They have face-lifts. And they are sexy but slightly repulsive and all too familiar.

Lawnchair Painting, Burnt Up In Fire

Another of the many Lawnchair Paintings I did over the course of a couple years. This one was destroyed in the fire, and I was glad to see it go in a way at the time. At a distance, now I see that there are some cool things about it. Oh well. It’s gone. Such is life.

Lawnchair Painting (one of many)

This is one of the last oil paintings I did… This picture was taken a little bit before I decided it was done, and the others in the series burnt up in a fire. Also, the more recent pictures had of it burnt up in my last hard drive crash. The ‘finished’ painting, I gave to some friends of mine and they actually have it hanging up in their home. I love that. I will try to remember to take an updated picture of it next time I’m at their house in the daytime. Anyways, I like the basic idea of it so I thought I’d post it here.


I think it’s about 30 inches wide.