“In The Beginning” & “Begging”(from the Four Eyed Monsters Podcast)By Popular Demand


“In The Beginning”

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This is a piece of music I made for the first episode of the Four Eyed Monsters Video Podcast. Arin sent me a loop of him playing his nylon string guitar and said “See if you can do anything with this…” or something like that. So this is what I did with it and they liked what it added to the episode, so after a few revisions (there’s always revisions), this became the score for that episode.

Because I never intended for it to be listened to on its own, I can’t help but not really consider it a song. Musically, it’s sort of a one-trick-pony, doing the same couple of phrases over and over, but I get so many requests for it and so many people put it on their MySpace Profiles when it was up on myspace, that I decided to make it available to anyone that wants it. I guess people like it. :)

I should mention that Episode 6 has a piece of music I made to compliment this one. It’s based on a Minor-ized version of the same theme so I’m posting that here too.



(As heard in Episode 6 of the Four Eyed Monsters Podcast)

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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Starting Over (Song)


This track, I’ve been working on, off and on, for a few years. An early incarnation can be heard in the background of the Four Eyed Monsters Video called “Humanity Lobotomy,” about the Importance of Network Neutrality.

I’ve had some pretty substantial criticism of this one. Good suggestions, but very drastic ones that I’m not sure I completely agree with. So here is its current form. I may completely change it, or make it into different songs Etc.

If I work on something too long, I start to get this weird thing in my mind similar to sunspots, accept they’re audio. It’s like I just can’t hear it truely any more.

Also, after a few days straight of worrking on something, it’s nice to stop and forget about it for a while, cause when I come back to it we’re like newlyweds all over again.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Promise Me Again and Again and Again (song)

This is the first of hopefully many, many posts of music I will be doing. This is music that I made. It probably isn’t finished. I get to a certain point with these things and I have to give it some time to cool down before I can know what I want to do with it next.

It will help me if I get feedback from people too. Why not do that here?

I’m using Blip TV to host it. Neato. Didn’t know they did audio. Thanks for the info, Arin.

I recommend listening at least twice, because part of what I like to do with my music has to do with memory. Also, if you don’t have a subwoofer or spakers with good bass, you’re not hearing the whole song


Additional Info:
this track took me about 2 weeks to make so far.
time signature for the most part is 5/4 at 114 BPM
Instruments Used are an Electric Guitar, Accoustic Nylon String Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Snare Drum, Roland Organ/Strings09, Mackie Mixer, Tascam Audio-cassette 4-Track, Alesis Quadraverb2, dbx Compressor, Stanton DJF-1, PreSonus BLUETUBE, AKG Perception 200 Condensor Mic, Nady SCM 950 Condensor Mic, iMac G5, Digital Performer 5.0, Reason 3.0.5,