The FaceBucket Challenge


If you accept The FaceBucket Challenge, you must:

A) Promise that from now on, you will not share any alleged facts on social media without first reading the Wikipedia entry likely to contain confirmation of the alleged fact;


B) Share a video of yourself putting a bucket over your head.


The FaceBucket challenge is intended to spread awareness about media literacy, especially social media’s potential for spreading misleading information.

As participants in social media, we have a responsibility to the others in our networks to not disseminate an inaccurate portrayal of the world we live in.  This is especially true when it comes to political or ‘loaded’ topics where widespread misinformation can lead to negative consequences for large numbers of people.

Also, it’s kind of funny.

Satanic/Gothic/Devil-Worship Dinnerware, Satanic Plates, Satanic Dishes, Satanic Houseware

I’m in the process of starting a business selling Satanic plates and other household items.  Here’s my first product.  It’s a Satanic Dinner Plate/Dish featuring an inverted pentagram, although really, it depends on how it’s turned.  I think red on black is pretty satanic so even if the plate is turned to not be an inverted pentagram, it’s still evil.
I plan on eventually making an entire Satanic Dinner Set available.  I also plan to make other Satanic House-ware, such as Satanic Towels, Satanic Napkins, Satanic Coasters, Devil Worship Wind Chimes Etc.designall



create & buy custom products at Zazzle

North Bay Bohemian Rebranding Project – Free! Take One.

North Bay Bohemeian Rebrand: Bopeemian

If you live in Sonoma County and you don’t hate gay people, you probably love the North Bay Bohemian, a cultural staple of our beautiful Wine Country landscape.

Why not show your support for everyone’s favorite independent progressive weekly by wearing their logo (in a slightly improved form) on a T-shirt?

That’s right!  Time to impress your friends and set some trends.

Just print out this PDF on an iron-on transfer sheet and make yourself into a local fashion activist just in time for the next Handcar Regatta or Old Navy shopping trip at Coddingtown Mall.

Each PDF has the logo three times so you can make three shirts with one sheet of Iron-On Transfer.  Click on the image to download the PDF.

Hairy Butt Logo Pants

Picture 30
Juicy Butt Sweats

A few years ago I noticed this new paradigm in logo placement on clothing.  I think it was the Company Juicy Couture that first put their logo right on the ass of the customer. I’m not sure if they were indeed the first, but the word “Juicy” is the first word I remember actually reading from the seat of the pants of a young lady walking in front of me on the street.

I don’t need to explain why the the word “juicy” is so provocative when placed prominently on a woman’s rear end, and perhaps this is why I remember it as the beginning of this era, whether or not the credit (or blame) is really owed to the JC clothing line for making this a trend.

Fast forward a few years and many colleges and indeed even my twelve-year-old niece’s junior high school’s athletic clothing line has the institution’s name featured in this manner.

But not on the men’s/boy’s shorts and sweats.  Only on the women’s/girl’s.

Hairy Butt Jeans
Hairy Butt Jeans

I have therefore decided to examine the cultural subtext of this phenomenon further by adding a twist to it, which I shall be wearing around town in search of truth.

Behold, the unveiling of the Hairy Butt Jean by Andrew A. Peterson.

Sorry for the camera-phone pic.  I’ll have better photos as soon as I’m ready to do a proper shoot for this amazing new addition to my artistic legacy.

Also, I know I’m not the best butt-model but I work with what I have.

New Project: As The Dust Settles, Participatory Documentary, Burning Man etc

In the morning I’m leaving to go to Burning Man, but this time I wont be merely attending.  Some friends of mine have brought me onboard to direct one of two second-units for a documentary film called, at least tentatively, “As The Dust Settles.” 

I’m totally thrilled to be working on another film project with Susan Buice, Arin Crumley and Joe Griffin, who I worked with on Four Eyed Monsters, as well as the producer, Mike Hedge who is a super amazing guy on many levels and is doing an awesome job putting together everything and organizing it all.  And I’m also super excited to meet and work with all the other really talented people who have been selected as the core crew for this project.  It looks like a really amazing team has been out together.

I know it’s going to be a bit challenging to work out there in that environment for a number of reasons, but if anyone can do it, we can!  Hellz Yeah!

Official site is

I’ll check back in as soon as I can.

The Lawn-Chair Idea. This May Help You To Understand Why I was So Into It.

This is a photo I took as a resource material. I was really more focused on aged plastic lawn chairs, with their patina of plastic degradation mixed with dust, dirt, mold etc… The aging of these things adds a layer of human-skin-like-ness… Real people have blemishes and unevenness in their skin. These plastic Lawn Chairs have all the qualities of manufactured ideals of organic beauty, and all the symptoms of how manufacturing makes something less organic. They have plucked eyebrows. They have face-lifts. And they are sexy but slightly repulsive and all too familiar.

Lawnchair Painting, Burnt Up In Fire

Another of the many Lawnchair Paintings I did over the course of a couple years. This one was destroyed in the fire, and I was glad to see it go in a way at the time. At a distance, now I see that there are some cool things about it. Oh well. It’s gone. Such is life.

Four Eyed Monsters Cable TV National Premiere Tonight @ 9 Eastern

UPDATE, 2008-04-24: The times it aired were, according to my email transcripts with friends and family Etc: 

  1. 2008-04-25 @ 6:00 pm PST
  2. 2008-04-26 @ 1:30 am PST
  3. 2008-05-10 @ 11:00 am PST

Four Eyed Monsters, the feature film, will have its national cable TV debut tonight at 9pm Eastern time on IFC. The film has received tons of awards and critical acclaim since it first hit the film festival circuit. It was even nominated for two Independent Spirit awards, Best Cinematography and Best Feature made for under a half million dollars (or something like that).

The film has made a big splash in the realms of Social Media Marketing and Digital Distribution. So this is news on a few different levels. It was the first feature film to screen in Second Life; the first full-length film shown on YouTube; probably the first MiniDV film to get a “best cinematography” nomination from a major film award organization (pretty sure about that one); one of the first films to be advertised via additional content via podcasting (probably the first film to video podcast at all); and all this from a film initially thought to be un-marketable by Hollywood distributors. This film has clawed it’s way up the back of our mainstream culture using totally innovative methods and now, after proving itself online, having been watched around a million times on YouTube, Four Eyed Monsters has been acquired by IFC. Smart pick, IFC!

Tune in! (isn’t that what they used to say back in the TV days?)

For the sake of being fair, full disclosure and all that, I worked on the film and composed the score. It’s still good though, I promise.

Lawnchair Painting (one of many)

This is one of the last oil paintings I did… This picture was taken a little bit before I decided it was done, and the others in the series burnt up in a fire. Also, the more recent pictures had of it burnt up in my last hard drive crash. The ‘finished’ painting, I gave to some friends of mine and they actually have it hanging up in their home. I love that. I will try to remember to take an updated picture of it next time I’m at their house in the daytime. Anyways, I like the basic idea of it so I thought I’d post it here.


I think it’s about 30 inches wide.

“In The Beginning” & “Begging”(from the Four Eyed Monsters Podcast)By Popular Demand


“In The Beginning”

MP3 LINK HERE Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

This is a piece of music I made for the first episode of the Four Eyed Monsters Video Podcast. Arin sent me a loop of him playing his nylon string guitar and said “See if you can do anything with this…” or something like that. So this is what I did with it and they liked what it added to the episode, so after a few revisions (there’s always revisions), this became the score for that episode.

Because I never intended for it to be listened to on its own, I can’t help but not really consider it a song. Musically, it’s sort of a one-trick-pony, doing the same couple of phrases over and over, but I get so many requests for it and so many people put it on their MySpace Profiles when it was up on myspace, that I decided to make it available to anyone that wants it. I guess people like it. :)

I should mention that Episode 6 has a piece of music I made to compliment this one. It’s based on a Minor-ized version of the same theme so I’m posting that here too.



(As heard in Episode 6 of the Four Eyed Monsters Podcast)

MP3 LINK HERE Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Starting Over (Song)


This track, I’ve been working on, off and on, for a few years. An early incarnation can be heard in the background of the Four Eyed Monsters Video called “Humanity Lobotomy,” about the Importance of Network Neutrality.

I’ve had some pretty substantial criticism of this one. Good suggestions, but very drastic ones that I’m not sure I completely agree with. So here is its current form. I may completely change it, or make it into different songs Etc.

If I work on something too long, I start to get this weird thing in my mind similar to sunspots, accept they’re audio. It’s like I just can’t hear it truely any more.

Also, after a few days straight of worrking on something, it’s nice to stop and forget about it for a while, cause when I come back to it we’re like newlyweds all over again.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Promise Me Again and Again and Again (song)

This is the first of hopefully many, many posts of music I will be doing. This is music that I made. It probably isn’t finished. I get to a certain point with these things and I have to give it some time to cool down before I can know what I want to do with it next.

It will help me if I get feedback from people too. Why not do that here?

I’m using Blip TV to host it. Neato. Didn’t know they did audio. Thanks for the info, Arin.

I recommend listening at least twice, because part of what I like to do with my music has to do with memory. Also, if you don’t have a subwoofer or spakers with good bass, you’re not hearing the whole song


Additional Info:
this track took me about 2 weeks to make so far.
time signature for the most part is 5/4 at 114 BPM
Instruments Used are an Electric Guitar, Accoustic Nylon String Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, Snare Drum, Roland Organ/Strings09, Mackie Mixer, Tascam Audio-cassette 4-Track, Alesis Quadraverb2, dbx Compressor, Stanton DJF-1, PreSonus BLUETUBE, AKG Perception 200 Condensor Mic, Nady SCM 950 Condensor Mic, iMac G5, Digital Performer 5.0, Reason 3.0.5,