About Andrew A. Peterson

  • Andrew A. (Albert) Peterson was born May 21, 1976.  
  • Andrew A. Peterson currently lives in Sebastopol, CA 95472  
  • Andrew A. Peterson Is an Artist who makes awesome MUSIC and other things.
  • Andrew A. Peterson works for other people in order to maintain the space and time needed to make his Art.

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Andrew makes most of his money by being smart about technology-related things.


Andrew is an expert person to ask about certain things such as:

  • The Changing Content Industries (Film, Music, Books, Print, Web, TV)
  • Technological Trends In General
  • Social Media (Social Networks, the ‘blogosphere,’ Etc…)
  • Web Marketing (SEM, SEO, SMO, Etc)
  • Software Strategy (for Businesses or Individuals)
  • Content-Based-Marketing AKA “Viral Marketing”
  • Audio and Music Production
  • The Mac OS
  • Web Apps
  • The WordPress Platform

Andrew has Lots of Opinions About Everything Related to Any of These Things.


Andrew is Also Interested in:

(and probably many other things not listed)


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  1. Dude! thanks for spreading the word! I will for sure hook you up with my mp3s, man, just send me your email address. Woot! thanks again!

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