4 Replies to “DMCA dispute via pissedconsumer.com and BlueHost”

  1. Thanks, ANON.
    I guess I’m famous in some office at a courthouse in FL at the moment?

    I guess Madwire is trying to get all this negative attention they’ve created erased by showing search engines a court order?

    How exactly did you come across this?

  2. Its funny because by filing that court document they made the reviews public record.. not very smart. So the reviews will never go away now.

    If your looking for information on a company, google its name with the word defendant or plaintiff and if whatever they are involved in is in federal court, it will be online.

  3. I Just wish I Found this site instead of all the Inc 500 Company of the year hype,before signing a 6 month contract. I am already out of pocket $6800 to date, got no website, no marketing was done in my designated Market. They delayed giving access to the marketing platform until month 3.getting 10 visitors a day and not a single sale/transaction. You live & Learn I Guess.

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