session_start() [function.session-start]: error is godaddy’s fualt

Basically, you may have just spent hours trying to figure out why after changing your site’s directory, you are getting various errors that appear to be the result of your functions.php file or a plugin, or in my case, both.

here’s what you ned to do. (taken from, which was hard as shit to find)


Create a php5.ini and save it in your root folder. If you have various websites under one server, then it will be saved where you can view all the websites’ folders.

Create a folder in the root named “tmp” (without “s)

Type this inside the php5.ini :

session.save_path = “/home/content/##/#######/html/tmp”

*The #s are replaced by what your hosting provider gave you. In Godaddy, when you enter your Hosting Control Center it will be the Absolute Hosting Path under Server.

Save it

Good riddance.

Godaddy Sucks.