The Bed-bugs are coming! It’s like a Parasitic Tsunami Epidemic Moving Slowly Toward Middle-America from NYC

Face it people.

We’re about to have an all-of-America resurgence of the bedbug.  It’s been building like crazy for the past several years.  If you have friends in NYC, you know this.  If you’ve been listening to the news, you may have noticed that it’s getting mentioned more and more…  I think today’s mention that I noticed was that the U.N. is having issues with beadbugs.

Bedbugs have been pretty much non-existent in the USA since the 1940’s.

Assuming that I’m right, that bedbugs will become a major issue again for U.S. citizens, I’m wondering if harsh pesticides like DDT will become legalized or if there will be black markets for these things like we currently have for prescription drugs like oxytocin and viagra.