N.W.A: Turns Out DJ Yella’s Gettin’ Dissed

It was really weird for me to find out that in fact, a lot of the beats from the early N.W.A. records were the work of, if not entirely, at least partially DJ Yella, who is mentioned often on those records verbally (by the rappers), but not often by enthusiasts of music from that era.

I had always bought into the mythology of Dr Dre.  Not accurate apparently.

So what happened to Yella?  He has a website but it’s not even done (but I can relate)!  WTF!  Hey, Yella, I’ll help you finish up!

Anyway, he seems to be pushing his pornography lately, not so much his music, if he even still makes music.  Who knows.

I don’t care if he doesn’t.  The early NWA records were important for the evolution of modern music.

Thanks, DJ Yella, for all the bad-ass shit you did!  You changed my life!