A New Year, A new Hard Drive Crash

I’m not totally naive. But I’m also up against this barrier: The time it takes to re-install tons of software and figure out tons of passwords and other crap saved in preferences files.

Once again, I am letting a repair utility, in this case, Disk Warrior, go through it’s time-consuming and completely NOT-promising process.

Here’s what I do know:

  • What one utility can’t fix, another sometimes can
  • When a repair utility fails the first time, sometimes the second time it will yield different results (sometimes a disk-restore utility will work, but only after several rounds taking hours and hours or even days)
  • Sometimes a particular app doesn’t work one way, but when you try it another way (like via target mode), it does.
  • There is no sane preference between the different utilities: Drive Genius, Disk Warrior, Etc… It seems to me like at any given moment, one might be better than the other, or that maybe certain programs are better with certain issues.
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • It’s a good idea to plan, while your repair utility is or isn’t working for hours and hours or days, what you’re going to do next.  Reformat?
  • Any sign of progress is a glimpse of hope, even if the program only updates you every two hours.
  • There is no hope for a bad drive, or bad ram or a bad logic board or power-supply, which can lead to a false diagnosis of a bad drive.
  • It is true that sometimes weird things like putting your drive in the freezer, will allow you to recover your data.
  • The language used by utilities is not understandable by humans.
  • We need to get used to these kinds of problems.
  • We need to be prepared for them (back-up, stupid!)
  • Again, I am a fool for not backing up the contents of this little laptop I have, which I thought I didn’t care much about, data-wise…

If I get this little bastard running again, I vow to look into network-backup solutions.  My main computer has a clone, which updates every day.

But a physical drive doesn’t make sense for a little baby dummy computer.  Turns out, that little dummy was one of my best friends and now I’m standing here feeling like a total jerk.

Happy New Year everyone!