I Might Hate the Featured Artists Coalition

I just got a newsletter update explaining that they support a three-strikes policy for file-sharing.

Our meeting also voted overwhelmingly to support a three-strike sanction on those who persistently download illegal files, sanctions to consist of a warning letter, a stronger warning letter and a final sanction of the restriction of the infringer’s bandwidth to a level which would render file-sharing of media files impractical while leaving basic email and web access functional.

How backward-ass!!

As an artist, I am going to have to revoke my membership if they don’t do some serious back-peddling in the next few days.

I thought the FAC was a forward-thinking organization.  Maybe not.

WordPress Usage: 202 Million Worldwide 62.8 Million US

This is according to Jason Calacanis via This Week in Startups or TWIST.

If this is true, I feel quite a bit more comfortable in my assessment that WordPress is the best CMS for most companies or people, even for non-bloggers.

This also makes me proud of myself for seeing WP as a star product way back in 2005 when I was just getting started with Web marketing stuff and working on the public-facing side of Four Eyed Monsters.

There a a number of other free, open-source systems for managing website content.  Drupal and Joomla are the most obvious to mention.  But in my opinion, these are not mature platforms, even though they may be more appealing to devs.

The point of a CMS is (in my opinion) to make things easy for non-devs.  The point is to make it easy for the owner of the site.  This way, they don’t have to get ahold of their “web person” to fix a typo or add or remove a page.

Anyway, I’ve had faith in WordPress for a long time and watching it grow to the point where it is now is so comforting to me.  Thank god for crowd-sourcing and Open-Source! It works.

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If You Haven’t Listened – Check Out N.W.A. Niggaz4life (1991) – Great Album!

I’m playing around with a mashup that includes the music of NWA, but I had initially decided to focus only on their first 3 albums, “and the posse,” “straight outta compton,” and “100 miles and runnin…”

My buddy pointed out to me that for what i’m looking for in the samples, “Niggaz4life” might be a good idea.


Picture 33

I’ve heard all these songs before, and I think when I first heard them (while I was riding a skatebord and wearing punk combat boots) I was turned off ’cause the music seemed “over-produced” and “overly-mass-marketed,” (the latter probably because there’s even reggae-influenced rapping which i wasn’t used to)…

The lyrics are of course mostly terribly juvenile.

But here’s the thing.  This is a shining example of great early rap production.  The beats are awesome and really cleanly done.

I hear a lot of the style I assoicate with the name “Dr. Dre.”

I’m rockin’ this shiznit.

The rapping is pretty good mostly.