Hairy Butt Logo Pants

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Juicy Butt Sweats

A few years ago I noticed this new paradigm in logo placement on clothing.  I think it was the Company Juicy Couture that first put their logo right on the ass of the customer. I’m not sure if they were indeed the first, but the word “Juicy” is the first word I remember actually reading from the seat of the pants of a young lady walking in front of me on the street.

I don’t need to explain why the the word “juicy” is so provocative when placed prominently on a woman’s rear end, and perhaps this is why I remember it as the beginning of this era, whether or not the credit (or blame) is really owed to the JC clothing line for making this a trend.

Fast forward a few years and many colleges and indeed even my twelve-year-old niece’s junior high school’s athletic clothing line has the institution’s name featured in this manner.

But not on the men’s/boy’s shorts and sweats.  Only on the women’s/girl’s.

Hairy Butt Jeans
Hairy Butt Jeans

I have therefore decided to examine the cultural subtext of this phenomenon further by adding a twist to it, which I shall be wearing around town in search of truth.

Behold, the unveiling of the Hairy Butt Jean by Andrew A. Peterson.

Sorry for the camera-phone pic.  I’ll have better photos as soon as I’m ready to do a proper shoot for this amazing new addition to my artistic legacy.

Also, I know I’m not the best butt-model but I work with what I have.

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