Can Anyone Explain The Open Rights Group to me?

The Open Rights Group is out there. I have no idea what they aim to do.  There are a bunch of new projects that have sprouted up online for various goals having to do with Intellectual Property in the digital realm, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons, and more recently, the Featured Artist’s Coalition…  

My question is, is the O.R.G. a friend or a foe?  

I’m a child of digital media, and I’m also an artist.  I’m also a creator of other forms of content like this blog. 

The Open Rights Group’s site is so confusing and not-clear in its mission at first glance.  For all I can tell it’s a front for a major publisher effort.  

Really, the site is terribly unclear.  Maybe I was supposed to spend a bunch of time digging for the agenda there.  

Please, you guys, make it clear!

I can help if you want, but damn.  I can’t even tell what you stand for.

It needs to be completely clear to anyone visiting the site, as soon as they get there, me thinks.

I Want to Try Boxee! Hello? Please?

Boxee team, I’m a blogger, obviously, and I get a good amount of traffic and I want to try Boxee really bad.  I have OSX, Win XP and Ubuntu, although I try to avoid using windows.

Please let me try it.  I will send feedback.  I’m a power user and very techno-socially connected.


I’m really interested in Socially curated Media, the Future of Media in general, and other related topics.  Please.

Dream-Team is Back! GDGT Weekly(Peter Rojas & Ryan Block)

(I’m linking to pages in the Wikipedia that don’t necessarily exist yet.  These guys are surely famous enough, so I assume the pages will come soon)

The geniuses behind the Engadget Podcast, Peter Rojas and Ryan Block are podcasting again!!!!! has arrived! (iTunes Link HERE)

When I first started to get into Social Media, Podcasting/RSS, The Blogosphere and Technology (in-general, as a broad area of interest), back in 2005, the Engadget podcast quickly became a key part of my media intake.  

Staying on top of what’s going on in the realm of consumer-facing hardware really helps you to see the bigger picture of what’s going on in Tech. Actually, if you’re not looking broadly at Technology, you’re really not seeing Tech at all.  

There are so many aspects of technology that bridge across market sectors.  Handsets, GPS Devices, Media Players, NetBooks, Laptops, Gaming Consoles…  You get the idea.  It’s all just computing, but seeing how innovations are coming to market, how they compare with what already exists, and what technologies are relevent in multiple areas of the market is absolutely crucial if you want to be able to see what’s coming next.  And having total gadgetphiles analyse it all for you is so helpful. 

When it comes to a consumer technology product reviews, I really believe there’s no other source on Earth as valuable as what’s created when these two guys record themselves in conversation.

I don’t know what happened with Engadget or WeblogsInc, but I don’t really care.  I stopped making it a point to read Engadget around the same time I stopped trying to stay on top of’s technology feed (too much clutter/BS)

More importantly, if you think you’re staying in the loop of what’s going on in the “Tech Space” by merely reading Wired Magazine or by subscribing to TechCrunch and ArsTechnica, you are so, so, so wrong.  I urge you, listen to Peter Rojas and Ryan Block talk about every last fucking device that comes to market for a week or two.  I bet you’ll never stop. I hope they never stop again.

I’m so glad they’re back.  It was traumatic for me when they put the Engadget Podcast on “Hiatus…”

For all practical purposes, it’s back.  THANK YOU, Ryan and Peter!  You guys are such super heroes of tech!

This is pure gold!

iPod Wont Play Podcasts? Shuffle Blinks Green Yellow Green Yellow Etc

After a few weeks of thinking there was something wrong with my little iPod Shuffle, I found out that in shuffle-mode, the iPod Shuffle can’t/wont play back certain kinds of audio files.

Just change it back to non-shuffle and the Podcasts will play fine!


When iPod shuffle is set to shuffle songs it will play all the audio files on iPod shuffle that are not audiobooks. Podcasts of type .m4b or AAC will not play on iPod shuffle when it is in shuffle mode, which is the intended behavior, although a podcast of type .mp3 or .wav may play while in shuffle mode. To play an audiobook or podcast that is on iPod shuffle, set the switch on iPod shuffle to play in order.

Wow. All this heartache over one tiny little switch switched to the wrong position.

Featured Artists Coalition Launches

The FAC is a new organisation for advocacy of music artists’ rights in the digital distribution space.  Among the Artists already onboard are Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and Billy Bragg.  One interesting thing about their “charter” is that they are advocating for artists to retain ultimate rights to their work, which in case you didn’t know, isn’t how it normally works in the major-label system.  

“…We speak with one voice to help artists strike a new bargain with record companies, digital distributors and others…”

As long as this organisation doesn’t become a new RIAA, by suing the pants off music lovers, or advocating network filtering by ISP’s, I’m all for this.  Labels get too much for too little while screwing over the fans and artists at almost every turn.  

If you’re listening, FAC, please don’t become another RIAA.  OK?  

Some quotes from the Press Release (pdf HERE):


The Verve, Radiohead, Jools Holland, Kaiser Chiefs, Kate Nash, Robbie Williams and Billy Bragg are among dozens of musicians and performers calling for changes to the law and record industry


The new organisation will campaign for specific changes to the laws governing the music industry and how business is conducted, so that:

The new organisation will campaign for specific changes to the laws governing the music industry and how business is conducted, so that:

  • artists always retain ultimate ownership of their music
  • all agreements between artists and others are conducted in a fair and transparent manner
  • rights’ holders have a duty of care to the originator of those rights, and must always explain how any agreement may affect how their work is exploited.

The Coalition will begin by focusing on six areas where it is seeking change: 

  1. An agreement by the music industry that artists should receive fair compensation whenever their business partners receive an economic return from the exploitation of the artists’ work.
  2. All transfers of copyright should be by license rather than by assignment, and limited to 35 years.
  3. The making available right should be monetized on behalf of featured artistes and all other performers.
  4. Copyright owners to be obliged to follow a ‘use it or lose it’ approach to the copyrights they control.
  5. The rights for performers should be the same as those for authors (songwriters, lyricists and composers).
  6. A change to UK copyright law which will end the commercial exploitation of unlicensed music purporting to be used in conjunction with ‘critical reviews’.

WordPress Error When Publishing is Caused By a Plugin!


My friend was getting this when attempting to publish a new post.  In his case, it was the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin, which is a totally unnecessary plugin, since WordPress sites are already so loved by Google.  I got tipped of by this WordPress support forum thread where the WP-Bible plugin was causing the problem.  

If you have this problem, try turning off all your plugins. Then, turn them on one-at-a-time, each time attempting to un-publish and re-publish a test post.  This will tell you which plugin is causing the problem.


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